Sun Glitters, Sun Drums, Afternaut: Leaf Cafe, Bold Street, Liverpool


Sam Sun Drums live at Leaf.jpg
Three varying forms of electronica take to the stage at Leaf Cafe, and Getintothis’ Jon Davies finds much to relish particularly a Liverpool band basking in the shadows.

With a disappointing, if unsurprisingly low turnout for a show comes a satisfying evening of blissful electronica thanks to Harvest Sun, starting with Afternaut, a project by Adam Rowley currently in its infancy.
Although only seeing the tail end of the set Afternaut showed plenty of promise and, along with Faded Gold, there are signs that we’ll be seeing much more ambient electronica rumblings in the city in the coming months.
Sun Glitters live at Leaf.jpg
Afternaut’s Adam Rowley live at Leaf
Mostly centered on late trip hop and the softer side of dubstep, Afternaut also lends itself to epic sci-fi soundtrack melodies without sounding too cheesy. With Rowley only recently establishing himself in Liverpool from York only time is holding him back from playing larger profile shows in the future.
Jacob Sun Drums live at Leaf.jpg
Sun Drums’ Jacob Silkin playing at Leaf
Following Afternaut, Sun Drums may have put on their most convincing show yet.
Having seen them many times, you come to expect their meticulous sound design found on their records to be compromised in a live situation, but it seems like the lack of pressure on this low key show has had a positive effect on them.
Last seen at Everisland‘s Thirteen show in the middle of lo-fi wheezings, Sun Drums sound stripped back, less fussy and much more direct.
To those who have heard them before through previous shows and their record will find this a massive relief to finally have them playing clearly and concisely, and as Sun Drums member Sam Twidale switches the standing light off at the end of their set we all feel ultimately satisfied with their performance.
Sam singing Sun Drums live at Leaf.jpg
Sun Drums’ Sam Twidale playing at Leaf
The floor clears out after the local bands have played, a shame because Sun Glitters, aka Victor Ferreira was a perfect fit with the rest of the acts, albeit with added gloss and more of a bronzed vibe. Whereas Sun Drums exude autumnal textures, and Afternaut is distinctly space-chilled, Sun Glitters acts more like a cool beer to the forehead on a lido deck.
Ferreira focuses on warmth and a pleasing flow to his performance that reflects a DJ set more than it does a collection of songs, which is perfectly complimented with a suitably hipstamatic video montage in the background.
One minor criticism would be that Sun Glitters lacks the musical depth of his support acts, but for the mood of his music it doesn’t necessarily have to be something introspective or deep, as Ferreira has consciously created some great summery tracks.
Harvest Sun have been dominating the Liverpool music scene as of late, at least in terms of frequency of gigs, which may be the reason why the attendances of shows have spread so thinly.
Along with putting on shows at such a regularity, a promoter is bound to have a few duds in the bag, warranting a low attendance, but on this occasion whereas Sun Glitters was very good, if unexceptional, the performances by Sun Drums and Afternaut more than deserve Liverpool’s attention.
Pictures by Marie Hazelwood.