The GIT AWARD 2012: GIT Inspiration Award winners The Kazimier


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Recipients of the first GIT Inspiration Award – the Kazimier – reflect to Getintothis on their night and talk big summer plans.

The first GIT Award will be remembered for many things – a night of fantastic performances, a celebration of a city on a music high and the union of all the key players shaping Liverpool’s music scene.
But it was the special centre piece of the GIT Inspiration Award, which will linger long in the memory.
Getintothis has championed the Kazimier team throughout their four years in Liverpool and it’s their artistic vision and collaborative spirit which is central to the ethos of the GIT Award – and that’s why they were such worthy recipients of the first Inspiration Award.
Sam Crombie, Michael Lill, Venya Krutikov, Laura Brownhill and Laurie Crombie accept the GIT Inspiration Award
Here’s what we said on the night…
‘I think the one thing that’s stood out for me about this experience has been the collaborative nature of Liverpool – the musicians, promoters, writers, artists and the whole creative pool working together. And that’s reflected in a special award, which I hope will continue for years to come.
This special honour, is the Inspiration Award has been created to recognise individuals away from the stage who bring so much to Liverpool’s music scene.
Individuals that have passion and flair but match this with dedication, humility and enthusiasm – in essence they make Liverpool’s music scene tick.

The first Inspiration Award, like the GIT Award itself, arrives at a fitting time.
It’s exactly four years this week that a word which meant little to anyone a short while ago, suddenly became synonymous with everything that is good about Liverpool music.
The Kazimier means many things to Liverpool’s music scene – it’s an arts collective, a club, a touring venue, a music hub, a theatre company, a record label, a secret society and even the best night of your life.

But most of all The Kazimier is a group of people in love with creativity, the arts and music – and in the four years they’ve been telling their story – they’ve reinvented Liverpool like few before them. This year’s Inspiration Award goes to The Kazimier.
For more Getintothis coverage of the Kazimier you can read our end of 2011 review, our exclusive chat with the team, our review of their most ambitious project to date – Atalonia or watch and listen to the Atalonia video and soundtrack.
In the meantime, watch Jack Whiteley‘s incredible visuals specially created for the night and below, Kazimier top fella Venya Krutikov drops by for a wee chat.

The Kazimier's Laura hugs Peter Guy after receiving the GIT Inspiration Award.jpg
The Kazimier’s Laura hugs Peter Guy after receiving the GIT Inspiration Award
Getintothis: What did you make of the GIT Award 2012?
Venya Krutikov: ‘I think the GIT Awards proved to be a great success, with a wide range of acts and musical tastes catered for sending out a strong message to the city and wider community about the musical talent this city has to offer.
Getintothis: What message did you think the GIT Award sent out?
Venya Krutikov: ‘It was great seeing so many familiar faces in the same room and further highlighted the integration and cohesion between all the different strands of the city that make up the fabric of the music community. I didn’t see all the acts so haven’t really got a favourite as such.’
The Kazimier's Venya, Laura and Michael with the GIT Inspiration Award.jpg
Getintothis: Thank you so much for the last four years and good luck for the future – what’s next for you?
Venya Krutikov: ‘We have some pretty big announcement to make for our summer plans but that is going to have to wait as we are waiting on a few confirmations and don’t want to jinx it!’
Pictures by Marie Hazelwood and Conor McDonnell.