Resurrection Festival Day Two: The Hummingbirds, The Mono LPs, Ratty Little Fingers, The Thespians, Tiro Lark: The Kazimier, Liverpool


Resurrection Festival day two transforms into a mass of smiling faces with young new stars, a Liverpool indie band to believe in and the bizarre arrival of Liverpool Football Club’s Steven Gerrard. Getintothis’ Andy Minnis and Jodie Schofield take in the action.

Day two of Resurrection Festival overlapped with the start of Free Rock and Roll Festival at Mello Mello therefore prompted another late arrival by yours truly.
However, the atmosphere could not be more different to Friday.
The venue was packed and Tiro Lark were storming it up on stage; the audience clearly a mix of fans and those won over by an impressive performance.
Partly through a great performance with a rich mixture of songs and partly through the energy the crowd brought to the room, many people around me were raving about the band. To shouts of ‘more’ they even included an encore, complete with a flash dance circle which erupted down the front. Though we were far from the end of the festival, this felt almost like a headline set.
After the dust had settled from Tiro Lark, it was clearly evident that the second day of the festival was a lot more organised. The games area was up and running and the second (balcony) stage fully functional.
Next up on the main stage were The Thespians, who performed storming indie rock tunes but suffered the perennial problem of a wayward sound that usually occurs when sound checks aren’t possible.
Initially, the vocals are somewhat lost in the mix and although this was corrected eventually, the crowd had thinned. Perhaps the sound problems put them off or perhaps Tiro Lark‘s strong fan base had deserted the area. We suspect a bit of both.
Steven Gerrard Kazimier Tiro Lark.jpg
Steven Gerrard with bands members from Tiro Lark at resurrection Festival at the Kazimier
After a brief changeover, the balcony acoustic stage started up with Ratty Little Fingers, bedecked in several oversized fur hats. There were clear problems with the sound, as the system crackled and fizzed and because of the strange, elevated position, the crowd quickly became distracted and conversation began to wash them out.
The scratchy, spiky sounds that did come across though, sounded promising and enough to hold my attention, if not most peoples.
We Were Beautiful live at Resurrection Festival.jpg
We Were Beautiful live at Resurrection Festival
Next up, and amid the incongruous pandemonium of Steven Gerrard‘s arrival, The Mono LPs began their set.
After a stonking performance at The Cavern recently, a support slot with Space and a confirmed outing at Kendal Calling in the summer, the Monos are riding high.
Charismatic frontman Ste Reid is in fine voice and the band reel off a slew of songs which are bonafide hits waiting to happen; Look At Those Legs and You Make Me Sick rip up a storm as there’s a sense we’re watching genuine contenders.
The addition of a cello adds measured depth, whether bringing resonant bass lines or crafted melodies, while superb interlaced synths imbues a subtle electro tinge to proceedings, defining a rare thing in this day and age – a special Liverpool indie band.
Let’s hope they go on to bigger things.
CheapThrills live at Resurrection Festival, Liverpool.jpg
Cheap Thrills live at Resurrection Festival
Headliners The Hummingbirds play to an adoring crowd and their brand of singalong guitar pop from debut EP Doesn’t Really Matter puts a smile on everyone’s face.
Crowd pleasers of old, such as Back In Liverpool has seemingly taken on a life of its own, now becoming an anthem down at Anfield. Where this lot go next will be intriguing but for now enjoy them in small venues like this as they seem destined for much bigger things.
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