Clinic: Static Gallery, Liverpool – picture gallery


Clinic cassettes.jpg
Clinic’s cassette factory production line opens for one night only at Static Gallery, Getintothis’ Darren Aston captures the assembly line in action.

Clinic performed new material from their seventh studio album Free Reign at Static Gallery earlier this month.
What made the gig so unique was the cassette production line installation set up by artists David Hand and Sam Wiehl alongside Static’s director Paul Sullivan.
Using four seperate parts of the gallery the audience, limited to 200, were able to press play and record the gig using hundreds of donated cassette players while Static operatives package and then sold the analogue recordings after the Clinic have finished playing.
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Here’s an exclusive insight into what went down at Static Gallery, as Getintothis’ Darren Aston captured the band and production line in action.
Clinic cassettes recording at Static Gallery.jpg
Cassette players at the ready to record Clinic live at Static Gallery
Clinic cassettes.jpg
The cassettes ready for recording
Clinic cassettes artwork.jpg
Artwork taking shape pre-recording inside Static
Clinic electronics live at Static Gallery.jpg
Clinic’s production line whirs into action as the electronic dials are set to stun
Clinic live at Static blow keyboard.jpg
Heavy work this cosmic boogie, as Clinic set tongues wagging at Static
Clinic percussion live at Static Gallery.jpg
All hands on deck as Clinic apply maximum pressure
Clinic factory worker.jpg
A factory worker gets busy as the first pressings drop off the assembly line
Clinic live at Static Gallery guitars.jpg
Clinic working over time on the Static Gallery production line
Clinic setlist.jpg
Done and dusted. The Clinic workings.
2012-11-19 19.33.42.jpg
Getintothis’ finished product – factory flawless