Mondkopf: The Nicest Way


Mondkopf delivers industrial techno drones from the Parisian dark side.

One of the beauties of the GIT Award is being able to share some of Merseyside’s finest new music with leading players within the industry.
It’s usually their job to be sharing their tips with us, but in this case the boots on the other foot, and it’s always a pleasure to hear back from such respected figures like John Doran over at the Quietus, or Andy Capper at Vice, or new for this year, Q Magazine editor Andrew Harrison, emailing us back with positive thoughts over new emerging Liverpool music.
This week, however, another GIT Award judge, Tom Ravenscroft had my ears burning with killer track 33 000 Bells on his 6 Music Friday show.
Parisian techno producer Mondkopf (Paul Régimbeau to his mum) shapes industrial wedges of ambience which is as addictive as it is alarming. Sheets of static beats are fused alongside propulsive pulses, gusts of grey drones and the kind of sounds you’d imagine whistle through a ghostly Gotham City just before evil is set to strike.
His new EP The Nicest Way is out now on Perc Trax and recalls the beauty from the abyss of recent Getintothis tip Abrogate.