Howie Payne: Do Right By Me (demo)


Former Stands frontman ditches the Dylan in favour of an evocative late night vocal stunner.

Howie Payne where did you go?
The former Stands main man was many things; a Bold Street cross Atlantic drifter, melody-maker marvel, charisma packaged in a leather jacket and Wallabees, and yet those Dylan-infused odes sometimes overstepped the line marked pastiche.
Do Right By Me, a new demo which surfaced on Howie’s soundcloud three days ago, draws a line under all that and stands alone from much of his previous work thanks to a stunning vocal performance; a fragile kiss of a whisper that makes those minuscule white hairs on the tips of your ears stand on end. It’s that arresting.
Kicking back late at night, it’s the perfect accompaniment to watching the spring sun going down or watching it rise up again early morning.
Howie Payne where did you go? It’s good to have you back.

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