Forest Swords: Thor’s Stone


Forest Swords returns with Thor’s Stone – a monolithic slab of weighty dark drone.

Good things come to those who weight.
Sorry, that’s an horrific pun. However, it seems perfectly apt in this case as Forest Swords has dropped his first ‘proper’ new material since his Fjree Feather EP back in the summer of 2011.
While not a marked departure from his superlative Dagger Paths EP, the Wirral dance pioneer, has imbued his characteristic squalls of treated electronica with a distinct ‘live instrumentation’ feel.
Sure the processed home studio sounds are still in place but they’ve been ramped to a further dimension by a fizzing succession of foreboding hi-hat drumming, a huge swell of bass and what sounds like heavily treated steel guitar strings being bent out of all proportion.
As ever there’s a concrete slab of a hook and what sounds like the final death throes of a native American Indian squaw.
It comes with a simple message, ‘Life moves and shifts but tjruth is the witness. Love always.

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