Pierlo: Simulacron-1 (unmastered)


Upitup Records’ Pierlo drops deft digital feast.

We’ve been enjoying a rare week of downtime on Getintothis this week. Just shooting the breeze, catching up with friends and the odd little trip to various towns around the North West. Oh, the exotica…
Escaping the computer/digital life – to some extent – always brings about a renewed love of new music, and dipping in and out of new releases by Kandodo, Oliver (on the mighty Fools Gold Recs) and just about everything Stones Throw has to, erm, throw at us, we’ve also been lapping up a load of new electronica buzzing around Liverpool.
One which we’ve repeatedly returned to is the frenetic, sometimes frenzied, often frightening and always fantastic, Pierlo.
A long-time staple of the Upitup Records stable his latest snippets of sci-fi sythentica is an inviting bath of bubbling beats and bursting breaks.
This weekend Pierlo, who played last April’s GIT Award at Leaf, DJed in Rome, and we’re told to expect more new material in the coming weeks. And on a GIT Award front, we’ll be releasing information on who is playing the 2014 launch party at Leaf on Saturday November 16, later this week. Tune in…

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