Hejira’s TraumTour to roll into Liverpool with Kazimier date


Anna Lena & The Orchids headline the debut Liverpool leg of TraumTour at the Kazimier on Friday.

In recent years, a number of people have made their point that the festival scene is a little tired.
They say it’s over-saturated and that the Sims-esque concept of herding a load of idiots into a field where the law hangs by a thread is past its sell-by-date.
Maybe it is, but that’s a debate for another day.
TraumTour, in their first ever foray into the gigging wilderness, may have stumbled across the future in terms of festival-type shows or one-off megabills.
TraumTour has evolved from the London-based Traum night, hosted by international quartet Hejira, a very fresh cross-pollination of Massive Attack and The Invisible.
Instead of putting all of their eggs into one basket, TraumTour are sending out a number of different line-ups the length and breadth of the country.
The Invisible, Hejira and Floating Points will be lending their talents to all points of Britain.
The show hits the Kazimier on Friday October 11, with residents Hejira and Anna Lena & The Orchids heading a bill filled with DJs and other acts.
It’s an enticing prospect, and the thought of an annually rotating TraumTour heading back to Liverpool every year is certainly foreseeable. It promises to be a special and unique night.
Purchasers of advance tickets will receive a special, one-night-only mixtape on the door.
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