Merseyside music’s top 25 tracks of 2013 so far


There’s been a whole raft of incredible new tracks released on Merseyside in 2013 – and not all of them are from the Wirral! Getintothis’ Peter Guy assembles the top 25 – hats off to all of them.

There’s no escaping the fact that there’s a resurgence of quality music within Merseyside.
Cynics will no doubt say we’re biased and guilty of repeating ourselves within these pages, yet, if that’s the case why are Merseyside artists peppering the national press on a weekly basis while playing stages up and down the country during this summer’s festival season?
The most interesting aspect perhaps, is that much of Merseyside’s music is in it’s infancy – and while many of the artists on these pages may appear familiar to habitual gig goers or those regular readers among you, the very fact that Loved Ones, Outfit, Natalie McCool, Forest Swords and numerous others are all releasing debut albums proper goes a long way to indicating that these are early, yet special times, in the development for the new crop of talent.
The list below is by no means a spotlight on Getintothis‘ favourite artists, nor is it a definitive statement on who we’re tipping for the future – it’s simply great new music. And better yet, the list doesn’t even touch upon a whole host of artists that have yet to release new music in 2013 – there’s so much more still to come.
What we have done is refrain from posting numerous tracks by one artist, and live tracks (sorry, By The SeaEndless Days will no doubt find inclusion somewhere down the line) or ones submitted to us for future release have also been excluded.
So hats off to all those listed below, you’ve all made corking music, and we’re looking forward to what’s around the corner.
25. TOMASU: Insides

Getintothis on TOMASU.
24. Dan Croll: In/Out

Getintothis chats to Dan Croll.
Getintothis reviews Dan Croll live at Liverpool Sound City 2013.
23. Death Masks: What I See

Getintothis on Death Masks at FestEVOL at the Kazimier.
22. Poltergeist: Your Mind Is A Box (let us fill it with wonder)

Getintothis on Poltergeist.
Getintothis reviews Poltergeist live at the Kazimier.
21. Natalie McCool: Dust & Coal

Getintothis reviews Natalie McCool at FestEVOL.
20. Clang Boom Steam: The Good Ship

Getintothis reviews Clang Boom Steam at FestEVOL.
19. Rachael Wright: Sharamuta

Getintothis on Rachael Wright.
18. Owls*: Dogs

Getintothis on Owls* Dogs
17. WYWH: Reinhardt

Getintothis on WYWH.
Getintothis reviews WYWH at the Kazimier.
16. Nights: The Eternal

Getintothis on Nights.
15. Mick Flaherty: Where Did We Go Wrong

Getintothis on Mick Flaherty.
14. LinG: Droop feat Rugrat

Getintothis on LinG.
13. Delly: Street Life Through My Eyes

Getintothis on Street Life Through My Eyes.
12. Dirty Rivers: The Kid

Getintothis on The Dirty Rivers.
11. Lunar Modular: Charlie

Getintothis on Lunar Modular.
10. Hedda Aronssen: There It Goes (Demo)

Getintothis on Hedda Aronssen.
9. Baltic Fleet: Engage

Getintothis on Baltic Fleet‘s Engage
8. Kalax: Midnight Rage

Getintothis on Kalax.
7. Outfit: I Want What’s Best

Getintothis on I Want What’s Best.
Getintothis on Outfit‘s debut album Performance.
6. Circawaves: Young Chasers (demo)

Getintothis on Circawaves.
5. Loved Ones: Paper Crown

Getintothis on Loved Ones‘ debut album The Merry Monarch.
4. Forest Swords: Thor’s Stone

Getintothis on Thor’s Stone.
3. Bill Ryder-Jones: He Took You In His Arms

Getintothis on Bill Ryder-Jones‘ new album, video and track He Took You In His Arms.
Getintothis reviews Bill Ryder-Jones at Camp and Furnace.
2. All We Are: Utmost Good

Getintothis on All We Are at Inner Visions.
Getintothis reviews All We Are at FestEVOL.
1. VEYU: Running

Getintothis on VEYU.
Getintothis reviews VEYU live at Astral Coast.
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