Liverpool music 2013: Highs, lows and best of year so far as we take late summer break


Getintothis is off on a little break, but fear not, Joseph Viney and Peter Guy have compiled a veritable greatest hits compilation of 2013’s best bits – so kick back soak up what’s left of the summer, and we’ll see you shortly.

It’s not you, it’s us, we promise!
This isn’t goodbye, just a mere au revoir as Getintothis is off for some much needed rest and recuperation after a year so far that could be deemed ‘slightly hectic’.
But we wouldn’t leave you high and dry all that time, so we’ve compiled the following highlights package from Liverpool music and beyond in 2013 as well as some moments you might have missed.
From the highs of Liverpool Sound City 2013, FestEVOL, a whole glut of live spectacles, interviews with some of the key musicians and those making it happen, The GIT Award and whole host of talking points throughout the year, we’ve been at the forefront capturing the action.
Speaking of which, cast your eyes over the top Merseyside 25 tracks of 2013, so far – a list capturing a mere snapshot of all that’s good right now.
We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the promoters; especially EVOL, Harvest Sun, Mellowtone, Samizdat, Everisland, Chris Tyler, Deep Hedonia, Tony and Colin at the Zanzibar, Milk, Venya, Sam, Liam and all at the Kazimier, Behind The Wall Of Sleep, Natalie, Becky and all at Leaf, Rob, Adam and Laura and all at Mello plus the many others we’ve no doubt forgotten.
A huge thank you to the extended team at Getintothis for your efforts in reporting music from the frontline in Liverpool and the glorious team of photographers so dedicated each and every week.
One quick plug before we shoot off, Getintothis is co-hosting with Bido Lito! the itsLiverpool Stage on Sefton Park on Sunday August 25 for the first Liverpool International Music Festival – featuring All We Are, The Bonnacons Of Doom, Dogshow, GhostChant, The Loud, Merki, Ady Suleiman and The Wild Eyes.
Make sure you’re there supporting the best in new Liverpool sounds from 12noon until 7pm – there’s a full preview here.
So enjoy this extended highlights marathon, and see you soon. It should be a great run from here until December.
How Deap is your Vally?
Getintothis has had long conversations with great and good people from across the globe. From Josh Homme’s artist of choice Boneface to The Pharcyde’s Slimkid3 and East Village Arts Club mogul David Laing, we’ve made sure you get the full stories from every possible angle.

Getintothis selected our top 10 Bowie tracks, among others
Top 10
A top 10 list is always guaranteed to provoke a lively debate, and this selection didn’t disappoint.

Lee Scratch Perry at Eric’s, Liverpool
Live Reviews
If you want a good home, then you need strong foundations.
Every night of the week, Liverpool is host to a vast array of gigs that cover just about every part of the musical spectrum.
2013 has been no slouch in terms of receiving legendary acts and making their own. Here is just a select number of some of the fantastic gigs we have been lucky enough to witness so far this year.

  • Outfit, Bird, Ex-Easter Island Head, Lunar Modular: Blade Factory, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool
  • Ady Suleiman, Taylor Fowlis, Mic Lowry, Merki of E-laborators: Elevator Bar, Liverpool
  • K-X-P, Gigantes, EYES: Blade Factory, Liverpool

Old masters Mudhoney were another highlight gig of 2013
Picture Galleries
To contradict the Bee Gees for a second, sometimes you need more than words.
If you’ve been unable to grab a ticket for the latest show, then Getintothis is happy to provide the next best thing; unfettered pictorial access.
We’ve got more angles than Pythagoras and we’re happy to share it all with you.

  • Outfit, Bird, Ex-Easter Island Head, Lunar Modular: Blade Factory, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool
  • The Strypes: Leaf, Bold Street

Baltic Fleet collect their GIT Award
The GIT Award 2013
The second annual GIT Award built upon the foundation of 2012’s inaugural event capturing the imagination of UK music.
Hosted once more in Leaf Tea Shop, a packed room were witness to this year’s deserved winner Baltic Fleet pick up their award and with it the opportunity to play at the Yoko Ono-curated Meltdown Festival 2013.
The other nominees were not without their merits and the roll call was a bold indication of the wealth of talent at the city’s disposal.
The night was not without a notable tinge of emotion as the Justice Collective received the Inspiration Award for their efforts in raising money and awareness for the families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough tragedy.
Read our full round up of the night here.

The Walkmen 1.jpg
The Walkmen at Liverpool Cathedral during Liverpool Sound City 2013
Liverpool Sound City 2013
Liverpool Sound City is, if you will, the Monaco Grand Prix of British music festivals: all the action takes place on the street and there’s a high possibility of crashing out.
Of course, it is all about the music and this year’s offering was the biggest and perhaps the best yet.
A host of homegrown, national and international acts plied their trade in just about anywhere in Liverpool that could conceivably host a stage of some sort.
Those who milled in and around the city saw excellent performances from the likes of Savages, Thee Oh Sees, Future Of The Left, Jazzhands, Baltic Fleet and hundreds more besides.
Getintothis had a team of dedicated scribes and photographers putting in long hours and working their fingers to the bone to give you the most detailed and up-to-date coverage of one of Liverpool’s new crown jewels.

Taylor Fowlis – one of many Getintothis artists ones to watch in 2013
Introducing/Ones To Watch
Getintothis is not just concerned with the past and present, but we are very keen to show our readers the future of this city’s vibrant scene.
From the very beginning of the year, we have touted the very best of up and coming talent; subsequently watching such artists toil and subsequently mature into established faces across Liverpool and far beyond.
From Taylor Fowlis to Poltergeist, Getintothis has made sure you are right on the precipice of what’s new and, most importantly, what’s good.

Deerhunter – just one of the many gigs to look forward to in the coming months
On It!
Want to know what’s happening in Liverpool over the next few months? You only had to ask!

Daft Punk – the greatest marking campaign in the history of music?
Pop Life
It’s fun to go off the beaten track sometimes. That’s why Range Rovers sell so well.

  • Alt J win Mercury Prize 2013 – What have we learnt?

Reel Music
Music and film have a tendency to be intrinsically linked, and so the crossover potential is enormous.
2013 has provided ups and downs; the rapturous reception afforded towards Made Of Stone was offset by the disappointment of the narrowly focused The City That Rocked The World.
Getintothis even dipped its toes into the choppy Hollywood-esque waters, with its multimedia exhibition, Inner Visions at the FACT cinema.

  • Springsteen & I: Fan-shot documentary on The Boss comes to Liverpool
  • Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2013: Music at the movies – the soundtrack of our live

Mix Tapes
Getintothis Volume #7 – Chew Disco
Getintothis Volume #8 – UpItUp Records 10th Birthday mixtape
Bill Ryder-Jones – one of a select few to scoop the Single of the Week crown
Singles Club
It can be difficult to keep abreast of the latest releases, especially now that the traditional single is a format riding the crest of a resurgent wave.
Our regular Singles Club gives you the opportunity to keep up with the avalanche of releases that hit the public realm every day, week and month.
With our patented (that’s right) ‘Single of the Week’ it’s a handy cut-out-and-keep guide. Just don’t actually cut it out though. We won’t accept responsibility for that.
With Liam Fay now at the helm, the Singles Club promises not only offers expert advice on the best and worst of the latest tracks, but also an insight into the workings of a modern twenty-something. Scary prospect, no?