GIT Award 2013 winner announced as Justice Collective win Inspiration Award


The GIT Award 2013: Liverpool music unites at Leaf to celebrate the very best of new Merseyside music.

A spectacular celebration of Liverpool’s thriving music scene, The GIT Award Showcase, took place at Leaf on Bold Street this evening.
The GIT Award 2013 winner is Baltic Fleet. He received his GIT Award trophy – designed by Liverpool Art Prize nominee Jayne Lawless – from the Quietus editor John Doran and Merseyside music journalist and former Q editor Andrew Harrison.
Baltic Fleet is the guise of Paul Fleming, touring keyboardist of Echo & The Bunnymen.
His debut record was named Rough Trade’s album of the year and his latest record Towers follows suit with flawless electronic melodies, breezeblock beats and an effortless futuristic edge.
The judges believe Towers captured the sprawling vitality of contemporary music and married this to a sonic landscape which is indicative of its birth; Northern working class cities which thrive on industry and making things happen.
The Inspiration Award went to The Justice Collective who took a version of He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother to UK Christmas Number One 2012 with all proceeds going towards Hillsborough Families legal costs in their fight for justice.
The Farm‘s Keith Mullin accepted the prize on behalf of the Collective giving a personal and hugely powerful speech recounting how he lost a friend in the Hillsborough tragedy before dedicating the Award to campaigner Anne Williams who died on Thursday.
He said: “I remember the frustration of not being listened to and ignored, victims, friends, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters accused and viciously wronged. We knew what had to be said, but the words were buried, so we screamed, fought and never gave up, ‘we’re braver than you believe, stronger than we seem and smarter than you think’. Today I remember you, those who lost their lives needlessly, those left behind broken; I remember the pain, the hurt, and the injustice, and I remember all who have fought with integrity for so long, for justice, I will “never forget”, today I shed more tears, I remember you!
The Farm‘s Peter Hooton who helped organise and appeared on the charity single and accepted the Inspiration Award on behalf of Justice Collective said: “I accepted this award on behalf the tremendous team behind the Justice Collective – they were truly inspirational and everyone involved from the music industry gave their time and effort free of charge. But really this is an award for the 24 year campaign for justice by the families and survivors.
It was a truly remarkable achievement to get a Christmas No1 within such a short period of time and just shows what people power can bring about when they believe in a cause. I dedicate the award to John Glover and Anne Williams, true campaigners for truth and justice!
Steve Rotheram MP, one of the chief organisers behind The Justice Collective said: “Music has the innate ability to express and even amplify in people a mixture of emotions. The Justice Collective captured the country’s feelings towards the Hillsborough disaster and the establishment-led cover up with a beautifully produced piece of music that rightly took its place at the top of the Christmas charts.
The Justice Collective project was a story of solidarity. Everyone who took part did so for free and with the best interests of the victims, families and survivors of one of the greatest injustices of the 20th century at heart.
In the year of the London Olympic Games, Diamond Jubilee and a US Presidential Election, it was Hillsborough and the fight for justice for the 96 that dominated the news. I am proud that we played a small part in keeping the topic of Hillsborough at the forefront of the news agenda and in doing so hopefully inspired millions of people through this piece of music to educate themselves on the real TRUTH of Hillsborough and its devastating aftermath.
Liverpool Football Club, who were present filming the occasion, prepared a special video of the making of the single while Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish made a special video honouring the members of the Justice Collective and hailing their Inspiration Award.
There were also special messages on the night from Liverpool FC great Jamie Carragher and Everton FC defender and keen music enthusiast Leighton Baines gave poignant messages of support for the Justice Collective in receiving their Inspiration Award.
Tyler Mensah was crowned People’s Choice winner – as voted for by readers of Bido Lito!, Getintothis, Seven Streets and Juice FM. Fifteen-year-old Tyler, who records hook-laden urban pop, received his memento from GIT Award charity partner Simon Howes from CALM.
On the night there were 11 live performances from the nominees including Baltic Fleet, metal band Conan, alt-folk rising star Nadine Carina, Tyler Mensah and electronic artist John Heckle.
Among the other live performances were former GIT Award nominee Bill Ryder-Jones (producer of By The Sea‘s debut album), Paulo Isocore, Bird, The Wild Eyes and China CrisisGary Daly who performed Wave MachinesPunk Spirit on their behalf as they toured in France.
Sense of Sound‘s a capella choir collaborated with electro artist GhostChant for Jetta‘s Start A Riot as she prepared to finish recording her debut album in Los Angeles.
GIT Award founder, Peter Guy, hailed the night saying: “The GIT Award champions the unity and team-work that’s evident in Liverpool’s arts community, it’s this ethos which is pushing new, innovative art right across the world – this is a city with the finest new music – and much of it was here tonight in this room. Roll on The GIT Award 2014.
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