GIT AWARD 2013: picture gallery featuring Baltic Fleet, Nadine Carina, Conan, John Heckle, Tyler Mensah and more


The GIT Award 2013 at Leaf – Getintothis presents a picture gallery, highlights and reaction from a spectacular night in Liverpool.

The GIT Award 2013 was a night which will live long in the memory.
Merseyside’s rich wealth of music and arts talent was very much on display at Leaf Tea Shop during seven hours of live performance.
Baltic Fleet scooped the GIT Award 2013 while the Justice Collective took home the GIT Inspiration Award, dedicating the honour to Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams, on a night when teamwork and collaboration were two running themes.
Eleven artists played while there were special video messages from all around the world from all the nominees unable to play due to recording or touring schedules.
Reflecting on the evening, Jane Beese, head of Contemporary Music at London’s Southbank Centre said: “Massive thanks for last night. We had a great time and its life re-affirming to know there’s so much great music in this town!”
Baltic Fleet will now feature in Yoko Ono‘s curated Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre, as well as taking the GIT Award‘s £1000 prize.
For a full report of what went down read Getintothis‘ reaction from the night here.
In the meantime, here’s our pictures from the night capturing just a flavour of what went down.
The GIT Award 2013: Celebrating the best of Merseyside music
The GIT Award 2013: Leaf’s Becky Todd and colleague before the show began
The GIT Award 2013: Anfield Wrap’s Neil Atkinson hosts the evening at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Neil Atkinson lifts aloft the specially-created GIT Award 2013 designed by former Liverpool Art Prize nominee Jayne Lawless
The GIT Award 2013: Baltic Fleet open the evening, setting the controls for the heart of the sun at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Baltic Fleet’s Paul Fleming opening the evening at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Clinic were dressed up for the occasion sending their video message from the other side of the Atlantic as they prepared to play in Brooklyn
The GIT Award 2013: Host Neil Atkinson speaks to former nominees Ninetails’ Phil Morris
The GIT Award 2013: The Wild Eyes, who’s forthcoming album is produced by Clinic, helped kick off a storming night at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: The Wild Eyes in full flow
The GIT Award 2013: Neil Atkinson jokes with a member of the audience’s handbag
The GIT Award 2013: Nadine Carina takes in the video of her track at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Nadine Carina’s guitarist in action
The GIT Award 2013: Nadine Carina thrilled the audience with her new direction of breezy summer pop
The GIT Award 2013: Nadine Carina in full flow at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: The GIT Award artists’ mementos designed by Milk:Presents which formed a huge vinyl which split into segments for each of the nominees and a central piece for the Justice Collective
The GIT Award 2013: China Crisis’ Gary Daly, who’s new album is produced and starring Wave Machines, plays the band’s classic Punk Spirit
The GIT Award 2013: Thomas McConnell, part of Gary Daly’s band, at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Gary Daly and his band in action at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Gary Daly accepts Wave Machines’ memento as the band were playing Paris that evening
The GIT Award 2013: Getintothis’ Peter Guy talked about the city’s collaborative spirit and team ethic ensuring a special time for Liverpool’s arts scene
The GIT Award 2013: Liverpool Vision’s Kevin McManus was a key player behind the scenes for the Justice Collective and he introduced those involved
The GIT Award 2013: The Justice Collective’s Keith Mullin made a powerful and poignant speech after a special commemorative video on the making of He Aint Heavy He’s My Brother by Liverpool FC and messages from Kenny Dalglish, Jamie Carragher and Everton FC’s Leighton Baines
The GIT Award 2013: Keith Mullin added a poignant tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy and dedicates the GIT Inspiration Award for the Justice Collective to Ann Williams
The GIT Award 2013: Isocore in action after a special Barberos video message from Rome was met by a thrilled audience
The GIT Award 2013: Isocore in action, a timely set given he and his fellow contemporaries celebrated 20 years of releasing records under the Upitup label
The GIT Award 2013: Bird swoop into Leaf’s balcony to perform a stunning cameo
The GIT Award 2013: Bird’s Adele Emmas upon high in Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Bird’s Sian Williams in stunning form at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Conan ensured everyone paid attention
The GIT Award 2013: Conan opened the second half of the show in unforgettable style
The GIT Award 2013: Conan shake Leaf’s to the foundations
The GIT Award 2013: Heavy duty percussion work from Conan
The GIT Award 2013: Bill Ryder-Jones, former GIT Award nominee, played on behalf of By The Sea, who were playing in France, after he produced the band’s debut record
The GIT Award 2013: Bill Ryder-Jones, former GIT Award nominee, played several new tracks from his new album, A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart
The GIT Award 2013: Sense of Sound, under the musical direction of Jennifer John collaborated with GhostChant after Jetta gave a video message from her recording studio in LA
The GIT Award 2013: GhostChant applies his electronic magic at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: GhostChant collaborating with Sense of Sound to rework Jetta’s Start A Riot to stunning effect at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Tyler Mensah takes in his video at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: Tyler Mensah in full flow at Leaf
The GIT Award 2013: CALM’s Simon Howes presents Tyler Mensah withe the inaugural People’s Choice Prize as voted by readers of Bido Lito!, Getintothis, Juice FM and Seven Streets
The GIT Award 2013: A delighted Tyler Mensah on stage after winning the People’s Choice went on to play Frank Ocean’s Novocaine
The GIT Award 2013: John Heckle tears through a set of characteristic deep space disco
The GIT Award 2013: The Quietus editor John Doran and former Q editor Andrew Harrison read out Baltic Fleet as the 2013 winner of the GIT Award
The GIT Award 2013: Baltic Fleet’s Paul Fleming – winner of the GIT Award 2013 with his trophy and cheque for £1000 – he will now play Yoko Ono’s Meltdown Festival
The GIT Award 2013: Baltic Fleet’s Paul Fleming – winner of the GIT Award 2013, with founder Peter Guy
The GIT Award 2013: Tyler Mensah relaxing at Leaf after winning the People’s Choice
The GIT Award 2013: Baltic Fleet’s Paul Fleming – winner of the GIT Award 2013, as designed by Jayne Lawless
Pictures by GetintothisMarie Hazelwood, Gaz Jones and Sakura.
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