GIT AWARD 2013: Podcast featuring Double Negative, The Zanzibar and Horse Designs


GIT AWARD 2013 shortlist is discussed in detail by figureheads of the Liverpool music scene.

Here at Getintothis HQ we like a good discussion – and we’re certainly open to a bit of constructive criticism too.
So after last year’s gentle podcast introducing the 2012 GIT Award shortlist, we thought it better to open up the debate to some of Liverpool music’s most vocal – and influential spirits.
The Double Negative are fast carving a reputation for no-nonsense critique to all things culture – from there we brought in editor Mike Pinnington.
The Zanzibar has been the home to grassroots music since the year dot in Liverpool – and who better to bring in than the man behind the club, Tony Butler.
Finally, we brought in Liverpool-based designer Gary ‘Horse’ McGarvey – a man who has carved his own niche for music-related artwork, while being a discerning voice on what is regarded good music – so much so he stages music around the world alongside his own art exhibitions.
Get ready for a no-holds barred discussion on this year’s 12 shortlisted artists, the nature of grassroots music in Liverpool, why the metal scene in Merseyside is in crisis and why the GIT Award 2012-2013 shortlist is reflecting ‘only three fifths of an apple’.

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