GIT Award 2013: Jayne Lawless on making the Award


Getintothis chats to Liverpool artist Jayne Lawless about her unique and poignant creations finding out the inspiration behind this year’s GIT and Inspiration Awards – plus her wider work as an artist and her impressions on this year’s showcase at Leaf.

The GIT Award 2013 showcase night at Leaf will live long in the memory.
It was a unique night of celebration for Liverpool’s music scene. However, it wasn’t just the artists and those in the music community that joined in the festivities, for the GIT Award champions Merseyside’s thriving independent arts scene too.
Similarly to the inaugural year, where Royal Standard director, Sam Venables designed and created the GIT and Inspiration Awards, 2013 saw former Liverpool Art Prize nominee Jayne Lawless follow suit this year.
Jayne, a fine art graduate from Anfield, has exhibited work in London, New York and Poland, and from the moment GIT Award founder Peter Guy met Jayne he knew her enthusiasm, commitment, vision and special connection to Liverpool Football Club was ideally suited to this year’s awards.
Kept secret until the showcase night, Jayne’s creations provided much talk on the night. Here Getintothis talks to her about how she designed them, her inspiration and her thoughts on the night.
Getintothis: Jayne! Your Awards were incredible, tell us a little behind the creative process and what inspired you?
Jayne Lawless: I was inspired by the idea behind the Awards; to really recognise the creative talent and eclectic mix of the current music scene.
I wanted the GIT Award to recognise that kind of ‘curious’ mix which reflected this years nominees.
I also wanted it to reflect the sense of humour, pride and sense of humility. Flashy but not if you know what I mean!? Not taking yourself too seriously…
Getintothis: Being such a big Liverpool FC fan and Anfield girl, the Inspiration Award was very close to your heart, can you tell us how difficult and the thought process that went into making that?
Jayne Lawless: It was a really difficult commission in that I didn’t want to let anyone down.
I worried about it a lot – in the end I went back to what I do, which is make sculpture – I decided the materials should reflect the fact that to the families and survivors of Hillsborough this is an everyday issue, the wood used is from an old chair I found in Mitchell’s Bakery in Oakfield Road – all regular LFC fans will know Mitchell’s, I carefully took the chair apart and re-assembled it – an everyday piece of furniture for an everyday issue.
At the base of the sculpture is a ‘claw’ carrying the carved letters spelling ‘Justice’ and protecting it.
The red and white ‘G I T’, also made from found wood in Mitchell’s, lent itself brilliantly to the phrase “Get Into This Justice.”
An ongoing fight – encouraging people to stay united.
Getintothis: The ‘owl’ GIT Award was quite the talking point on the night – people LOVED it – what made you pick an owl?
Jayne Lawless: Hahaha! It was pure fate! I walked into Quiggins one day with my Mum, the awards where in the back of my mind and I had no idea what I was going to do at that point and there it was – sitting perched on top of a shelf, the owl.
I knew at that moment I had to do something with it, Owl GIT as in ‘arl git’ was destined for stardom!
I had to haggle a bit with the owner as it wasn’t supposed to be for sale. The next part was to make a fitting perch – soldered with the help of Julian Taylor at his Bridewell Studio – again made from everyday plumbing pipes and cog set from a bike.
The final part was to ‘jazz’ him up a bit, it was an awards ceremony after all and my house-mate Britt donated a pair of glasses while my mum searched all over town for the bling G.I.T.
The owl defo brought people together.
Getintothis: For Getintothis readers, tell us a little about your previous work and what you’ve lined up in the future.
Jayne Lawless: I’ve worked most recently in Slovakia where I was a Bridge Guard (yes, that’s right!) Artist in Residence for three months spiritually guarding a bridge that connects Hungary to Slovakia.
This led to beginning the process of starting my own CIC (community interest company) that will develop art projects starting in North Liverpool working with teenagers eventually leading to an international art exchange programme.
My company will be called L5 after our postcode, giving a nod to all the families that lost their homes during the Housing Market Renewal scheme and my major body of work for the past five or six years.
I’m currently involved with the team at Homebaked/2up 2down project at Mitchell’s Bakery on Oakfield Road (opposite Anfield stadium) which is fuelled from a community looking to re-connect and re-build a business together resulting in housing and a fully operational bakery.
Getintothis: Finally, well done, it was a joy to work with you, what did you think of the GIT Award, what were your highlights and any music tips for the future.
Jayne Lawless: Highlights for me were Nadine Carina, Tyler Mensah and John Heckle – oh, and also Leaf‘s tequila was good!
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