Post Rock Paper Scissors to cut up Mello Mello with December show


Kusanagi host a night of musical madness with LA’s 100 Onces in tow. Getintothis’ Joseph Viney proffers words for a style that lets the music do the talking.

Rock, paper and scissors is a game not renowned for its application of skill.
So it’s with a discernible trace of irony that Kusanagi, 100 Onces, Cleft and Halfling’s Leaf take over Mello Mello on Saturday December 7 for Post Rock Paper Scissors; a regular event that is fast becoming one of the city’s finest showcases of talent.
Promising a night of post-rock, math-rock, alternative metal and turbo-rock, prepare to have your precious little synapses blitzed to bits by some of the fastest and heaviest stuff around.
Kusanagi are a bone-shaking juggernaut in the same vein as And So I Watch You From Afar and Maybeshewill.
Their eponymous debut EP, released in April, was a veritable buffet of crunching riffs and myriad moods.
100 Onces have blazed out of the traps with their debut LP 100 One Says, a collection of songs that display a twisted sense of humour and a predeliction for winding solos and metal-soaked death. In essence, it’s a lot of noise for a duo.
Speaking of which, Manchester’s Cleft compete with reckless abandon for the title of who can make the most noise with the least band members.
Acting as the soundtrack to some as-yet-unwritten William Gibson novel, Cleft recall the twisted, cyber-funk of the ever enigmatic and willfully crazy Buckethead.
Manchester’s Halfling’s Leaf offer a punk-led malevolence that leans on the influence of the frenetic Dillinger Escape Plan and one of Mike Patton’s many, many projects, Fantomas.
Don’t let the icy grip of winter squeeze the life out of you. Allow yourself to be embraced by the warmth that Post Rock Paper Scissors are offering.
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