Double Echo: Life Inside, Rupture, Sylvia


double echo
Double Echo are drawing a veil of darkness over the city, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney fades to black.

Seeping through the cracks like a fog, Double Echo are providing the sounds of a future past.
2013 LP Phantomime was an acrid lesson in broken hearts, malevolent thoughts and a whirlpool of noise.
Their new three-track EP finds the duo of Chris Luna and Ash Lerczak (also of El Toro! fame) ruminating further on these themes but also in possession of an urgent energy.
Rounded basslines whirl around the mind like toxic sludge, as Luna’s deep and resonant vocals beckon you closer to the void with a crooked finger.
The obvious comparisons lie with Joy Division and subsequently New Order’s darker offerings, but there is plenty more underneath the murky surface to tempt you.
So paint your room black and forget about the outside world. Double Echo are your new guides.

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