Organ Freeman coax you into the world of the ESP Initiative


Merseyside oddballs provide musical accompaniment for MelloMello stage production.

The second of the stage productions written and directed by Lovecraft’s Craig Sinclair, Contact With The Living, takes place at MelloMello on Saturday February 22.
The year is 1982, and you are invited to Castle Blackthorne, the remote retreat of the ESP Initiative (Europe’s fastest growing non-religion) to unlock the power of the human mind, separate fact from fiction and achieve your full psychic potential with like-minded lost souls and perverts alike.
Inevitably, all is not right at the castle. What is the full story behind Dr. Blackthorne and the wide-eyed, willing recruits of his shadowy cult?
With full immersion and interaction between cast and audience, Contact With The Living promises dark stories, a true sense of fear and a conversation with the shadows of your brain.
Death affirming sounds are brought my the rather unhinged duo Organ Freeman, while Nathan Jones will be providing poetry readings from another dimension.
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