Kasabian reveal worst album title, cover art, song titles in the history of popular culture


Glastonbury headliners Kasabian unveil new single Eez-eh ahead of new album 48:13. We’re not making this up.

Kasabian have revealed new album 48:13 – and with it the most woeful album campaign package of all time.
The Glastonbury Festival 2014 Pyramid Stage headliners new album, 48:13, consists of 13 tracks, accumulating to a total running time of, you guessed it, 48 minutes and 13 seconds.
In a slice of profound rhetoric frontman Tom Meighan, said of the new album, “Less is more, you know? It’s direct. It is what it is. Just listen to it. We’ve had the confidence to lay ourselves bare.
The album track listing is another worldie in the concept stakes…
1. (shiva)
2. bumblebeee
3. stevie
4. (mortis)
5. doomsday
6. treat
7. glass
8. explodes
9. (levitation)
10. clouds
11. eez-eh
12. bow
13. s.p.s.
The 405 beat everyone to it with a more appropriate album design.
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