Mello Mello: A Liverpool photographic retrospective of favourite moments

Chris Lynam

Comedian and improv performer Chris Lynam lights up Mello Mello

As we bid a fond farewell to Mello Mello in its Slater Street glory, a host of Getintothis’ photographers look back on their favourite moments. 

Last month, Liverpool paid its respects to one of it’s favourite sanctuaries as the Mello Mello family came together for a sombre funeral march and a final knees up in honour of its former Slater Street home.

It’s been a rocky old road for Mello Mello and what they have achieved since that first step in 2007 has been nothing short of admirable. Overcoming obstacles and relying on the dedication and hard work of their devoted family of staff and volunteers, is it any wonder that Liverpool fell so in love with Mello Mello – not merely a venue or a bar or a cafe but a unique hub of music, art, food and perhaps the truest example of that community spirit that we so often hear bandied about by the bigwigs in Westminster.

Ironic then, that it was a increase in business rates that so crippled the forces that made that community a real, tangible, possible thing. That colourful corner of Slater Street has become a sanctuary over the years, a symbol of something much more than any other bar or cafe in the city can claim.

Of course, what made Mello Mello special is the people, and that team will undoubtedly be working furiously behind the scenes to find a new home and create a new sanctuary for their faithful followers, but forgive us a mourning period for the Mello we first knew and loved in its Slater Street residence.

Everyone will have a Mello story to tell, and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words so who better than our Getintothis team of photographers to trail back through their fondest memories and their sharpest snaps.

Photos by GetintothisKeith Ainsworth, Simon Lewis, Mark McNulty Martin Saleh, Gaz Jones and some oldies from our archives.