Ay caramba! The Simpsons art exhibition comes to Liverpool

No Homers Club

No Homers Club – coming to a city centre near you soon

An art exhibition inspired by The Simpsons is launching in the city next year and it’s looking for proposals, Getintothis’ Steph Niciu reports on No Homers Club plus the show’s top musical cameos.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like The Simpsons, the jaundiced family that have given us so much over the past quarter of a century.

Now a new group of artists who call  themselves the No Homers Club want to show their thanks by creating an almighty exhibition in Liverpool.

The exhibition will bring together artists with a common love for The Simpsons. It will be inspired by everything from episodes, characters, places in Springfield and much more. The deadline for proposals is December 14 2014 and they plan to hold the exhibition next Spring.

To get your hands on a proposal form or for more information on the No Homers Club email: [email protected] or take a look at sonofastonecutter.tumblr.com.

No Homers Club - submissions wanted, suckers

No Homers Club – submissions wanted, suckers

To get us all in the mood, let’s take a look at the show’s top musical cameos.

1) Michael Jackson

The King of Pop is the guest star in the episode Stark Raving Dad. He voices the character of Leon Kompowsky who believes that he is Jackson. In the episode, Bart tells everyone in Springfield that Kompowsky is in fact Michael but that doesn’t go down very well. And neither does Bart forgetting Lisa’s birthday. Kompowsky tries to put things right by helping Bart write his sister a song. Happy Birthday Lisa is born and everything is hunky dory once again. Well in, MJ.

2) The Beatles

The band first appears in the episode Last Exit to Springfield. During a trip to the dentist, Lisa is given nitrous oxide and hallicunates in a scene inspired by The Beatles Yellow Submarine film. Ringo Starr proclaims ‘Look, it’s Lisa in the sky!‘ as Harrison responds with ‘And no diamonds though’.

We’ve seen members of the band crop up throughout the years too. Who can forget Paul McCartney in Lisa the Vegetarian? Lisa is star struck when she meets Paul and his wife Linda on the Kwik- E- Mart roof and is thrilled to discover that they are both veggies. He even gives her a handy tip, by telling her ‘If you play ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ backwards, you’ll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.’ Boss.

3) The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards both feature in the episode How I Spent My Strummer Vacation. They both turn up to The Rolling Stones‘ Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp and the episode includes the famous Stones song Start Me Up. Homer tries singing She’s So Cold and ends up misquoting it. And of course, there is Rip This Joint which plays over the credits as Jagger and Richards perform household chores.

4) The Who

The Who come to Springfield to help destroy the wall seperating Olde Springfield and New Springfield in the episode A Tale of Two Springfields. Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle guest star as themselves. The band manage to have a good old rock out.

5) Lady Gaga

Gaga‘s first major appearance in the show is in the episode Lisa Goes Gaga. Gaga arrives in Springfield for a concert and has psychic visions. She stops in the town and tries to help civilians with their self-esteem issues. Gaga sings Monster in an attempt to cheer everyone up but her efforts fail with Lisa. Lisa becomes fed up with Gaga and shouts at her. She’s able to unleash her rage and feels better for it, prompting Lisa and Gaga to sing the duet together called Superstar together which is nice and all. The episode might not have got the best critical reception but it’s pretty hard not to resist the allure of Gaga.

6) U2

U2 are in Trash of the Titans. Homer walks on during one of their concerts to promote his run for sanitation commissoner to the people of Springfield. The episode won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) in 1998.  We bet Bono is proud of that one.

7) Elton John

Elton‘s most notable appearance is in I’m with Cupid when he arrives in Springfield after the chandellier on board his private jet malfunctions. As Apu tries to pull out all the stops for his wife on Valentine’s Day, Elton stops by to sing the couple a very special version of his hit, Your Song.

8) Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Flea and the gang appear in the the finale of series four, Krusty Gets Kancelled when they sing Give It Away. Also, we see the band in Moe’s TavernMoe tricks them into playing for 30,000 people only for them to find that out they are performing in front of none other than Barney Gumble.

9) Britney Spears

The Princess of Pop hosts the Springfield Pride Awards along with respected TV journalist, Kent Brockman. She presents Cornelius Chapham with his award after he is crowned the oldest man in the town. Britney proceeds to give Cornelius a peck on the cheek but he dies of a heart attack on stage. Mr Burns then swoops in to claim the award for himself.

10) Barry White

We see White as the Grand Marshall for Whacking Day. He’s disgusted to find out that the day is dedicated to killing the town’s snakes. Determined to do something about it, Barry sings Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe with speakers that are directed towards the ground, allowing the snakes to roam free.