New Liverpool band night at The Arts Club launches with Weirds and Taws

Weirds coming to Arts Club near you

Weirds coming to Arts Club near you

Moonshine promises to host fresh off the bat Liverpool talent with touring buzz bands. 

A new monthly club night at the Arts Club featuring the finest new Merseyside talent and emerging touring bands kicks off on Tuesday January 13.

Hot new tips Taws fuse gnarly DIY rhythm with a foxy vocal while Liverpool’s Breakfast Monkey blend rap and rock (wait, come back…) in a suitably raucous mess.

Weirds combine manic energy with twisted sludge-rock while Feelgood’Gang combine pop, ska and funk.

Finally, Shrinking Minds add a dose of rock & roll – so that’s pretty much every box ticked in the music stakes. Good, see you there.

Moonshine launches at The Arts Club, on Tuesday, 7.30pm, £4. Details.




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