Go Fiasco, Visitors, Lucky T. Jackson: The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool

Go Fiasco

Go Fiasco

Roaring guitars and bewitching vocals, Geintothis Lauren Jones witnesses a tantalising night at The Lantern Theatre.

In the middle of the historic docklands by the Baltic Triangle there is a kooky little shack called The Lantern Theatre. Never has this venue seen a night so lively as Go Fiasco‘s Christmas Show.

With a cool wind hissing around the vicinity, there was a briskness in the air. Within a matter of minutes, the doors were prised open and floods of people trod in from cold, hauling themselves up into the bar, eagerly awaiting the first act, Visitors.

The dust settled and a hushed coo circulated as three lads stepped up to the mark. All eyes quickly jolted towards them.

Rapid chugs of guitar matched well with frontman Callum Mian‘s vocals. The sulky beats offered by drummer Jake Jones sat perfectly with the deep bass grooves that Mateo Carney provided.

Gaining their trust, the crowd moved away from the bar and crawled further along the floor, not letting the threesome from their sight. There was an eerie cover of Sonny and Cher hit, Bang Bang and then their set came to a halt, leaving many gasping for more.

Taking us on another journey, the psychedelia of Manchester’s Lucky T. Jackson curdled in the air, providing a sickly sweet mood to the set. Flaunting their latest release, Particular Girl, we were thrust into a foot-tapping frenzy as we acquainted ourselves with frontman Josh Goddard‘s lethargic vocals.

Full of collective energy, the band used their Northern charm to woo the crowd. With dancing from the sidelines, we were treated to an invigorating performance of light-hearted ingenuity in classic prog-rock style. The cheeky touch of a Christmas number had certainly warmed the cockles as we fell about like teenage girls.

A buzz was in the air as we awaited Go Fiasco‘s overdue return. The atmosphere generated by both supporting acts had truly geared the foursome to step up their game. Now tightly packed, the audience held together as they jolted foward. A scuzzy guitar pang began proceedings, ripping through the theatre’s tiny alcoves.

Jamie Roberts‘ guitar roared as it paired with Liam Gardner‘s beat and Dan Duggan‘s bewitching vocals. The vicious punch of Ben Murphy‘s bass echoed around the four walls. We were treated to favourites such as Meet My Mystery and Heaven. The crowd sang back the lyrics well, raising their arms in the air. This performance proved that Go Fiasco are the real kings of the Liverpool circuit.

The merrier we got, the more tantalising the gig became, but it was not without its faults. At times the sound was patchy, but this was certainly no fault of the bands.

The venue was simply quaint and perhaps not as big as we would have hoped for this kind of soiree. Getintothis would very much expect a much larger blowout for 2015’s festivities. If you didn’t go, you truly missed out.