Introducing: Satin Beige

Satin Beige

Satin Beige

If you’re looking for some cello infused, lyrically soulful R ‘n’ B, you’ve come to the right place as Getintothis’ Vicky Pea earmarks Satin Beige for the big time. 

Well into her third year of studying at LIPA, Essex born Satin Beige (and yes, to get it out of the way early, that is her fantastic and real name) has quietly crept up on Liverpool’s live scene over the last six months and now, with the help of Kije (her Cello), the multi-instrumentalist is starting to leave a mark.

Despite her striking natural beauty and talent – which will no doubt become obvious to you as it did us – Satin is the first to admit she had been nervous to take centre stage and perform her own material until recently, and so had dedicated her energy on extensively touring the UK alongside Stephen Langstaff as part of his live band whilst also appearing on Nikki Belle’s Trippin On You.

Now the time has come for Satin to go solo, and watching her with guitar or cello in hand you can’t help but think there’s something of an Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys lovechild vibe about her. With inspired, personal and surprisingly potent lyrics brought to life by a soulful presence, it’s hard to believe she could have had any doubts about what is a sound we really can’t wait to hear more of.

Now back on more permanent ground she has journeyed into the studio with plans to release her debut EP in Autumn 2015.

You can get an early hit of Satin’s soulful magic in her single Addicted, and catch her on tour throughout Spring.

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