People Under The Stairs, Burgandy Blood: The Kazimier, Liverpool

People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs

Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald witnesses a hip hop masterclass in the Kazimier when People Under The Stairs returned to Liverpool for their first night in the city in 8 years.

People Under The Stairs are independent icons in every sense of the word. From producing their own music to tonight, where Thes One & Double K are literally selling their own merchandise to their fans, the work ethic that the west coast pioneers have is nothing short of miraculous.

A fine example of the UK independent rap game comes in the form of tonight’s support act Burgandy Blood. The Manchester MC has worked tirelessly on his skills for two decades, honing his talents to make him one of the supreme acts from our shores.

Striding on in one of his many disguises, a mask made from tights and a hunting hat, the crowd are intrigued by the MC. By the time the masked magician drops Jane Fonda onto the audience he has them eating out of his hand. By the time he leaves, Burgandy Blood is most definitely The Thing giving a demonstration on why he should be gracing the stage with other hip hop heavy weights like Wu-Tang Clan.

With the CDs, Vinyls and T-shirts all distributed to the masses, the atmosphere in the intimate surroundings cranks up to boiling point. Many of the gathering were lucky enough to witness the last time the duo brought their renowned show to our fair city some 8 years ago and in tonight’s settings there is an element of nostalgia. The feeling that this is one of those nights you have to be at lies heavy in the air.

When Thes One & Double K burst on to the stage, the energy that has been charging all night explodes. The West Coasters channel that with their delivery being flawless from the offset. Testing the waters with some earlier material, the speed and timing the duo distribute their rhymes is breathtaking and when Trippin At The Disco drops it exhilarates the crowd into a frenzy.

As the set races on, People Under The Stairs showed no sign of slowing and if anything they fired it up with anthemic Acid Drops ploughing forward the night. The crowd vitalised their champions and were hungry for more which they received graciously in a flowing flood of rhythm and rhyme.

When the lights go up, there is not a soul who doesn’t have a smile beaming from their face. People Under The Stairs know how to make their public happy with many staying to talk to the duo afterwards. In the setting of The Kazimier, many will hope the duo don’t leave it another 8 years for their next visit to us but there will be few venues that will equal the feeling of tonight’s.

Photos by Getintothis’ Michael Kirkham





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