Canadian alt-rockers Ought back with new album in September


Montreal’s Ought with new album set for release next month

With Montreal’s edgy alt-rockers Ought gearing up for their second album, Getintothis’ Joe Ray Woodhouse takes a look at just why you ought to check them out.

Ought, a four piece from Montreal, Canada, pushed out their critically acclaimed debut More Than Any Other Day last year, and already have a follow up ready to hit in September, titled Sun Coming Down. New track Men For Miles continues the Pavement-esque drawls, combining wit with sincerity. Not too safe, not too different, sometimes a rarity on the troublesome album number two.

With vocals akin to Talking Heads, and musical sound-scapes which resemble Sonic Youth, Ought are using the best influences possible, without falling into the trap of sounding like modern day imitations. Everyone wants to be Thurston Moore, no one wants to be themselves it seems. Ought take from the best but stay fresh, and it’s all thanks to the blend of voice versus noise.

But the band doesn’t take that route, instead they build their influences into their own creation, and the music feels truly like anxiety turned into a musical form. The lead singer, Tim Darcy, sounds breathless as he talks about making the day a day which counts, more than any other day.

The breathlessness isn’t a singer short on air, but one who matches the wall of noise produced by the guitars, keeping up with the increasing pace, or perhaps the guitars are matching his increasing combination of joy, fear and desire.

And they are things anyone can relate to, as many struggle to make any day count sometimes. Depression and anxiety are rife, and it’s a great source for making music with a statement and a feeling. Ought gets the heart racing, but it doesn’t drop you further into the fear pit, it keeps you going. And that’s the secret.

The band are gearing up for a few UK shows from September, playing the Deaf Institute in Manchester on September 2 followed by Pontins Holiday Centre in Prestatyn on November 27 as part of ATP‘s Nightmare Before Christmas festival.