Låpsley: Burn

Låpsley - back with new track Burn

Låpsley – back with new track Burn

Låpsley returns with a smouldering effort from her debut album for XL Recordings, Getintothis’ Peter Guy salutes her boldest statement yet.

Holly Lapsley Fletcher is a young woman of many voices – but whichever one is speaking you best be listening.
Burn, the first offering from her forthcoming debut LP for XL, is typically direct – the subject matter smacking you square in the first – yet it’s raw honesty is underpinned by a dramatic intensity it’s hard not to get lost in. Beautiful but genuinely tough.
I’m thinking ’bout the future, and you may be the one I’ve chosen, and it’s gonna burn if we get closer,” comes the repeated refrain as those voices morph from Joanna Newsom fragility to Holly’s natural broken naked voice through to a succession of characteristic masculine loops.
Låpsley‘s long spoken of her admiration for James Blake, and Burn is almost like an open letter of musical respect; gentle electronic piano ramping up to cavernous bass tremors and a profound drop which will have your heart quickening. Think The xx given a boot up the arse by Clint Mansell.
This is her darkest, boldest and strongest effort yet – that debut album can’t come quick enough.
Hurt Me / Burn is out later this year on XL Recordings.