With Love From Liverpool: The Farm, Space, John Power, Mic Lowry, OMD: Echo Arena, Liverpool

John Bishop & Janice Long host With Love From Liverpool

John Bishop and Janice Long host With Love From Liverpool

Getintothis’ Lauren Jones and Simon Lewis witness the people of Liverpool stand up for Syria’s refugees at a fundraising night at the Echo Arena.  

George Harrison was the first person to produce an event of this stature when he embarked on the Concert for Bangladesh and after forty-four years, another set of Liverpudlian’s have curated an evening set to change the politics surrounding the desperate crisis of Syrian refugees.

From the creators of Sound City, With Love From Liverpool made history last night. Presented with an array of musical greats such as The Icicle Works, John Power and The Farm to more recent such as Lawson and MiC Lowry.

Supplying both the music but sentiment, each act made it clear the reason of which we all had come together.

Every single artist on that stage was there to make a difference, playing on the infamous scouse ideology. On form, each act created a collective energy that allowed the audience to feel self-worth whilst highlighting the scale of which this crisis has risen to, with over sixty-million refugees currently displaced.

Reflective and saddening moments were balanced by host, John Bishop’s blunt sense of humour, cracking jokes about the issues in order to get us talking and more importantly, thinking. The more sensible, Janice Long had slight tongue and cheek with Mr Bishop as she joined him to host a little later on in the show.

With all proceeds going towards the British Red Cross, chances to understand the basic, stripped down facts, without any media hysteria of the crisis were given. With interviews and speeches – one representative summed up aptly, no refugee should never walk alone.

Ending the night with the legendary Farm classic, All Together Now, many fought back the tears as we sung along with such eagerness.

We made a difference. With hints from Long that many other British cities are preparing to do the same, thank you Liverpool, thank you for having the drive to go and make a difference, caring for our brothers and sisters who have nowhere left to go.

Photos by Getintothis’ Simon Lewis