Jetta: Take It Easy (Matstubs remix)



As former GIT Award nominee Jetta returns with a new track, Getintothis’ Anna Houghton immerses herself in the sheer power of Take It Easy.

Take it Easy the latest Matstubs remix has gained noticeable credibility, with 223,000 Soundcloud plays in just 11 days. Former GIT Award nominee Jetta, whose voice has been described as ‘siren song’ by MTV, delivers 3 minutes and 39 seconds of sheer power.

The song begins with the repetition of ‘black sky’ in Jetta’s ambient vocals, delivering the line over and over in an almost haunting tone, accompanied by a rhythmic guitar counterpoint, easing the listener into the entrancing melody. The nature of the remix creates a slowly, but surely building of layers, reaching its first climax at 52 seconds, partnered with the lyrics ‘too high, too high’, it is here that the song reaches a point when your heart begins to beat faster and suddenly you are committed.

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The partnership of Matstubs and Jetta, and what is created within this track, can only be described as being reminiscent of the Northern Lights, glowing, meandering colours, running through your body as you are immersed in the power and strength that the gradual layering is creating.

At the two and a half minute mark the song slowly begins its descent, the beats per minute rapidly decrease and the layers slowly start falling away to reveal the naked quality of Jetta’s vocals, creating a full circle back to the very beginning of the track. Similarly, Matstubs ends the track with the same loop played continuously throughout, again allowing the listener time to anticipate the conclusion of the song, successfully stabilising your heart rate before the end. Take It Easy is an experience, one which you are completely immersed in, the nature of the remix generates a spur- of-the-moment capsule of emotion, locked within 3 minutes and 39 seconds.




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