The Kazimier: A Photographic Retrospective

The Voodoo Ball

The Voodoo Ball at The Kazimier

The Getintothis photographic team present their most visually stunning images from The Kazimier’s mighty reign.

As photographs are at their simplest the contrast between light and dark, the perfect photo is made up of contrasts. Elusive as it is lucky. Challenging as it is natural. Of patience and of split second timing. The Kazimier all too often provided on all counts. As much as we’d all gather around the stage bitching about the red light, or lack of light at all we can’t deny that we loved every minute of it and rarely turn down an opportunity to shoot in The Kazimier, not half because you never did know what you might see.

Other venues require minimal effort. Turn up, shoot your three songs and get off home for an early edit. Not here though, at The Kazimier you shoot start to finish, covering all angles with eyes peeled fearful of missing a moment that everyone else is talking about the next day. You don’t leave The Kazimier early.

Even empty the Kaz is something special to look at. Character and charm exudes from its wooden banisters, one of a kind chandeliers and centre pieces – nothing like the dime a dozen rectangular brick room venues we’re now left with. And full… well there’s hardly been a greater sight than The Kazimier full to the brim, even if it does mean we have to elbow our way though the masses to get those extra special shots. (Masses that we must add have been most forgiving of our elbows over the years!).

But as they say a picture’s worth a thousand words so lets leave our gallery to do the talking, we hope that these images invoke as many fond memories for you, as they did us.

Photos submitted by various Getintothis’ photographic contributors.