Shia LaBeouf in Liverpool for #TOUCHMYSOUL exhibit at FACT

The #TOUCHMYSOUL exhibit

The #TOUCHMYSOUL exhibit

Yes, Shia’s in town and wants you to touch his soul. Getintothis’ Vicky Pea brings news of unique group performance. 

Over the next four days FACT will be host to #TOUCHMYSOUL, a live art installation as part of the group exhibit Follow.

The art collective of LaBeouf, Rönkkö and Turner are the brains behind previous performances including #STARTCREATING, #IAMSORRY, #METAMARATHON, #FOLLOWMYHEART and #ALLMYMOVIES which recently saw Shia live stream himself watching..himself.

The trio will be based at the Wood Street venue while the general public are encouraged to pick up the phone and give them a call, or touch their soul as is advertised. You can also look in on the project here which shows a live stream from inside FACT. The exhibit promises to present a variety of experiences and views of identity, sharing, and micro-celebrity within the context of a life lived online and explore how we act when everyone is watching.

If you fancy taking part then pick up the blower between 11am – 6pm and give them a ring on 0151 808 0771. Who knows, you might get your ear chewed off by the man himself.

#TOUCHMYSOUL is part of the group exhibition Follow, open to visitors from 11 December 2015 until 21 February 2016 with free admission free.