Unknown Pleasures #61 ft. Fern, HATY HATY, Eørl Grey

Haty Haty (photo by Isabelle Renate la Poutre)

Haty Haty (photo by Isabelle Renate la Poutre)

There’s three brand new singles to bend the mind in this week’s regular new music round-up, written and compiled as ever by Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke

The importance of The Horrors in recent musical history is disgustingly overlooked. Though their status as NME darlings perhaps diminished their ability to transfer the acclaim that came for their 2009 kraut-psych reincarnation into something more lasting in the long-term pantheon, their polymorphous shoegaze grooves left a lasting stain on those that followed.

Take the stupendous debut single It Comes Slow from Aussie threesome Fern, for example, which bears every hallmark of what made The Horrors‘ Primary Colours and Skying so special, whether intentionally or not, in the pump of watertight rhythm and kaleidoscopic floats of synth that underpin it.

A drifitng smatterof female vocal tops off the mix, which builds steadily towards a swarming, all-encompassing crescendo of heady texture and unbottled emotion.

The product of Dutch duo David Douglas and Blaudzun‘s new collaboration as HATY HATY is harder to pin down to tradition. Boundary-pushers in their own right, the former unfurls a beguiling off-kilter slink of buried grooves that repeat and repeat with only a brief intermission of bright, pulsing electronics, while the latter adds a dolorous vocal to layer on the atmospherics.

Another debut single to finish, Eørl Grey‘s first foray øne møre time exhibits reams of potential in a louche, murky groove of alternative pop. Although they’ve certainly still got some maturing to do, it’s worth bearing in mind that the London duo are but a month into their career. Nascent live shows and some proper studio time following this bedroom-recording are on the way, and on this evidence could very well reveal something special to be tapped.