The Floormen – Changing Time

The Floormen

The Floormen

As The Floormen kick-start the new year with a new track, Getintothis’ Joe Ray sees a band making big progress with their sound.

We’re no strangers to The Floormen. We’ve seen them develop, followed them from gig to gig, covered their new releases, and even featured them in our 2015 best tracks feature. New track Changing Time is evidence of their continued progression and marks them out as a band with no time for simply repeating what’s worked so far.

Changing Time is a psychedelic wonder, reminiscent of the more experimental Sgt Pepper era of The Beatles, matched with distant vocals which have a Ty Segall like tinge to them. It has all the right elements a psychedelic rocker shouldn’t be without, walls of noise, room to transform, and a numbing drone that, as you fully immerse yourself, allows you to feel like you’re no longer simply sitting on a bus or typing away in a cold empty office.

The key to Changing Time is how the track does indeed seem to mutate. The initial drone wanders off into the distance mid-way through with a new more unsettling tone creeping into the foreground. It never completely overrides, nor does the opening music claw its way back to the front.

It’s a fascinating dual layered experiment, which results in a shape-shifter, tone changer, cookie cutter psychedelic track that throws in a twist which helps maintain the original vision of the genre, something The Floormen understand completely.

With the band touring throughout the UK on a regular basis, if you keep your ears to the floor you’ll be able to experience the future The Floormen are offering, one dream soaked song at a time.