Introducing: Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Causing a riot somewhere between Brighton and Reykjavík, garage-poppers Dream Wife have just dropped their debut EP, Getintothis’ Jake Marley jumps head first into their world.

Girls are really kicking arse already in 2016 and a prime example is Brighton trio Dream Wife. Essentially a fucked up garage filth take on glitz-pop, best shown in their manic girl-power cover of Peaches, released on Valentines Day. They’re a different kind of animal to the scene norm and their statements of intent continue to grow deadlier with remains of their riotous pop lying somewhere between Reykjavík and the home of Black Honey.

The trio have past described their sound as “poolside pop with bite” and their debut EP embodies that sound, non more so than latest cut Hey Heartbreaker; riotous, girl-gang shouty pop angst. Jaunty, garage-bred guitars lead the way with a PINS esque energy, constantly gaining momentum, biting away.

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Lead singer Rakel Mjöll recently mentioned the EP is her letting out a secret side of her that she’s always wanted to let out. “I’ve always wanted to let out this side of me. The girl who gives less of a fuck, who’s witty and who dares to home her own individuality.” That is clear, as a band and as a debut release this is a free-spirited, empowered pop jaunt of mega proportions.