Introducing: Lilium



It’s the name on everyones lips, Getintothis’ Vicky Pea gets to grips with Liverpool rock outfit Lilum. 

Rewind to the start of the year and the word Lilium was just what posh folk call Lily’s. Four months later and it’s a name that pops up again and again with increasing frequency and enthusiasm by all those who have been lucky enough to catch the four piece in action.

The band, made up of brother and sister duo Andrew (vocals and guitar) and Emma (bass) plus Samuel and Graeme on drums and guitar respectively are surprisingly still very much in their infancy, with just a handful of gigs to their name and no officially released material, a fact that makes their sudden buzz-siege all the more remarkable.

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We first came across the high energy outfit supporting Psyence at the Baltic Triangle’s Black Lodge where quite frankly, they stole the show. Andrew’s charm is entirely infectious from the get go and even with things not quite going their way – falling on his arse for example – nothing was capable of derailing their attention grabbing set.

It was the same story all over again at Threshold Festival where – despite another bumpy road, this time a busted bass drum – they came away victorious as one of our highlights of the weekend. The striking thing about them is just how right it all feels. There’s no improvement required. They’ve got bags full of catchy tunes which stay with you (we’re still singing Chocolate a week later), a hypnotic stage presence in their enigmatic lead singer which contrasts perfectly again Emma‘s cool calm demeanour and the fury unleashed by Sam and Graeme, energy to spare as the action often spills into the audience and a sound that, to these ears, is unique. Yes, they’re a rock band at heart, but with elements of psych, a soul-powered voice and melodic catchy riffs at their disposal they’ve created something that will keep us coming back for more again and again and again and again.

Popping up in support slots across the city, your’ll have to catch them yourself to find out more, but trust us, you won’t regret it. Lilium support SPQR at The Magnet on April 14 alongside Colour and Chupa Cabra.

Photos by Getintothis’ Vicky Pea