Introducing: Mark Lawless

Mark Lawless

Mark Lawless

With a new EP set for mid-April release, Getintothis’ Ste Knight takes a look at the ambient techno explorations of Liverpool’s Mark Lawless.

If you know this writer by now, then you’ll know how much he loves to happen across new and exciting electronic music. You’ll also be aware that the excitement is two-fold if the producer is a fellow scouser (by proxy – Mark originates from Ireland). Mark Lawless covers both of those criteria, so you can rest assured you’re onto a good thing here.

Lawless has been popping up here and there around the city of late, both in a live performance and a DJ capacity, most recently playing INKbeat at 24 Kitchen Street. It is advisable to keep your eye out for Mark‘s future dates.

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Mark has a new EP, Réseau, due for release around mid-April, and having listened to the title track on SoundCloud, we can tell you there’s definitely some summer-flecked, ambient techno vibes flowing throughout.

Comparisons could be made between Lawless‘ compositions and that of the sun-drenched electronica that Tycho proffers, as well as good old Aphex (in SAW mode), SKAM Records releases (Bola‘s more melodic tracks in particular) and early Planet Mu tackle like Frog Pocket or Julian Fane.

We look forward to the full release, but in the meantime check out Mark‘s track, Réseau, below.