Liverpool Sound City 2016 review: Eliza & The Bear, Pink Kink, Elle Exxe, Feral Love, Surf Dads & more

Pink Kink

Pink Kink

For day two of his Sound City experience, Getintothis’ Tom Konstantynowicz spends the day at the Cavern stage. 

As can be expected on day two of a festival, Sunday at Sound City took a little while to heat up. Hangovers were being dusted off and there was some catching up on sleep to be done before heading down to the site.

The Cavern Stage, hosting various small label showcases both from these shores and further afield, kicked off just after midday with hardly a soul in sight. Nevertheless, Hushtones and The Cubes ensured a rousing start, followed by the ethereal synths and pristine vocals of Niki Kand, then Caulfield, who gave their own Bowie tribute, throwing in a cover of Rebel Rebel.

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As accomplished a start as this was, people were lagging and the day needed a shot in the arm, and when you need an adrenaline kick, Pink Kink are usually up to the task. With shimmering guitars, keys and a kazoo thrown in for good measure, anyone feeling the effects were soon given a new lease of life.

Ellie Exxe

Ellie Exxe

Part of Edge Hill’s The Label Recordings showcase, which over the two days provided the superior offerings here, the Pink Kink ladies were joined by Feral Love, whose soundscapes grabbed the attention of these punters just as they have garnered keen interest from Radio 1. Later, a fifties inspired dance troupe performed in front of the stage just before St Helens’ Weekend Wars, a prime example of the charming quirks used to punctuate the day.

Keeping up Sound City’s excellent international relations, acts from East Canada, including Surf Dads, The Zolas and Living Hours suggested there is much more going on over there than Justin Bieber and Shania Twain.

Elle Exxe served up an unexpected treat, just as power issues on the Atlantic Stage had technicians in a frenzy. Maybe they could have used the electricity generated by this potent pop livewire. Closing the show, Eliza and the Bear played that song off that advert to round off a voyage of new musical discovery. Until next time SC.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Marty Saleh and Tom Adam.




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