Strange Collective’s Ali Horn releases string of gloriously hazy demo tracks

Ali Horn

Ali Horn

With Strange Collective’s Ali Horn creating new demos, Getintothis’ Jessica Borden has more insight into why you need to listen to them, right now.

The summer is drawing to a close, though the heatwaves keep appearing as sporadically as they do at the height of summer. Everyone trundles back to the jobs with fading tans to share tales of hot nights spent in far away lands or mud covered weekends of festivals.

As the retelling of these stories becomes more vague and less frequent, you find less random pieces of glitter on your clothes (from a festival and not the night before) and your clothes are less stained with mud.

Late night car rides, as you pile in with all your belongings and your best friend as you go cross country, become some of your favourite memories and moments and the songs that play become the endless soundtrack to the highlight reel you play over in your mind.

The midnight fast food and belting out the lyrics to The Beatles (even when for some strange reason the iPod has removed the vocals so all you can hear is the backing track, forced Karaoke ensues) and even some ABBA.

Tires may explode, cars may overheat and you may be stuck on the side of the road waiting for the AA for an hour, you drive through thunderstorms while I Am The Resurrection plays with the windows down but these are the nights which you look at with a golden haze.

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But that haze is what makes everything so damn incredible. The electronic lo-fi psychedelia of the demo’ by Strange Collective’s Ali Horn, achieves the effortless hypnotic haze which glazes over the tracks, while the vocals sway in and out of the foreground of the tracks just like those memories. The memories become a muddled dream which would be incredibly soundtracked by this music.

Great music and road trips or adventures of any kind are the perfect partners in crime. Ali Horn’s demos are the perfect accompaniment.