Cream Classics Live returns to Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral in 2017


Cream Classics at the Cathedral

As Cream Classics returns to Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, Getintothis’ Banjo looks forward to another night’s clubbing with a difference.

Cream is still one of Liverpool’s best known brands, which is quite a statement when one considers the world wide recognisability of the Beatles and the city’s football teams. In 2016 the club closed its doors for the last time and the building it had occupied for countless years was demolished to make way for flats.

Before this, there was a series of happy/sad farewell parties. Shortly after the club’s home, Nation, was demolished, another Cream night was staged in a much more upmarket venue, that of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. In suiting with its surroundings, the night featured a wide selection of Cream classics given the full classical treatment by a 60 piece Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, along with long-time resident DJs K-KLass and guests.

The two nights were an amazing success and those lucky enough to have been able to snap up tickets still speak of them in hushed tones and an awestruck tone. The sight and sound of the orchestra/DJ culture clash along with a magnificent light show, all set in the grandeur of the Cathedral, surely one of the most awe inspiring buildings in the world, seems to have been an unforgettable experience.

Happily, the experience is due to return in April 2017. The set and setting of this event again promises to be spectacular, as the two places dovetail to create a unique clubbing experience.

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On paper this perhaps seems a strange mixture; both clubbing in a cathedral or a full orchestra playing a selection of trance classics being several steps away from the norm, but perhaps as a result of the original Cream crowd maturing, last year’s event proved massively popular. The original date sold out swiftly, and a second date quickly followed suit.

There is no reason to assume 2017’s event won’t also sell out, so those wishing to attend should head over to the Cream website to register their interest and receive updates.

Using the hashtag #SpiritOfThe17th, Cream themselves say ‘The 17th October 2015 will forever live on as a legendary night in Cream’s 25 year history. One of those nights when the stars aligned, the dance floor was electric and the smiles still last to this day.

Cream Classics at Liverpool Cathedral was another such date… a real “you had to be there” moment. Some of Cream’s biggest tracks performed by some of the finest musicians in the world in a monumental setting – Liverpool Cathedral.

Today marks the next step in this journey. We’re proud to announce the merger of these two iconic nights into a huge new live show. On the 21st and 22nd April 2017, again at Liverpool Cathedral when some of the biggest tracks played in the Annexe, Main Room and Courtyard on the 17th will be performed again live… we give you Cream Classical Live