Jens Lekman to bring Life Will See You Now to Leaf for August gig

Jens Lekman [Credit: Kristin Lidell]

Jens Lekman [Credit: Kristin Lidell]

With Jens Lekman finally bringing his music over for a long awaited Liverpool date, Getintothis’ Paul Fitzgerald has the details.

Another day, another outstanding Harvest Sun announcement with the news that Jens Lekman will be bringing songs from his new album Life Will See You Now to Leaf on August 30.

The new album stands out slightly from his previous work as it feels a little lighter, even cheerier, less intropsective. Certainly, it’s some distance from the more melancholic strains of the previous I Know What Love Isn’t of 2012. He’s a prolific and insightful writer, with a sharp eye on the nuances and idiosyncrasies of people, their stories, and the paths they take.

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He finds himself in his mid 30s, still searching for answers, still asking the same questions, and Life Will See You Now sees him reflecting on all this. Fascinating tales, full of intriguing character and sweet melody.

I wrote about being close to someone who’s seriously ill but not knowing exactly how close you are. About that first big fight in a relationship. About a wedding I once played where I had to do some last minute counseling. About choosing who you want to be with.

“About a perfume that’s been haunting me for years and the memory attached to this perfume. About a mormon missionary I once met. About figuring out why you’re here on earth. About the bridges you cross and how they burn behind you.”

Jens Lekman plays Leaf on August 30.