Singles Club #150



A milestone Singles Club this week and Getintothis’ Matthew Wood unearths some extra special tracks to commemorate, there’s plenty in store, rest assured

LandingWings Of Light

Stumbled upon when K Records posted a link to the album, this spectacular 9-minute track I suspect may have healing properties. Taken from the Connecticut band’s album Passages Through, it’s a track that is as intense as it is delicate; wonderful craft has gone into perfecting this arrangement and it’s done with the deftest of touch.

Almost instantly the guitar riffs begin to glimmer like a Pavement track if they’d gotten even more stoned, while the ghost-like vocals send us to the sonic landscapes of Slowdive and Cigarettes After Sex – genuinely mind blowing stuff.

These 9 minutes will have you drifting like a nomad through rich melody and beautiful musical architecture, and that bass warms the bones no end.

Two IslandsHeaven

Two Islands may have struck gold with their debut effort here, it’s a funk laden track pumped full of slick synths and well toned vocals. The star of the show begins proceedings: the bass line – sliding into action it charges the track with a unique energy and allows the simple clap beat and crystal synths to texture the track.

As the track progresses the sound solidifies, recalling the synth work and groove of Blossoms and the composition qualities of early Friendly Fires. The vintage addition of synthesised harp adds more layers of charm to this track. Get amongst it!

Broom of the SystemJulia

An old track but one to nudge you in the direction of new material from Broom of the System, taking her name from David Foster Wallace’s first novel, the Liverpool-based, Boston-born musician crafts mesmeric lo-fi tunes that recall, at times, the sentimental beauty of The Antlers as well as the lo-fi pioneers Beat Happening. 

Also known as Julia LiPuma, she’s a transgender LIPA student honing her creative fluency in an unorthodox way that I can’t help but admire. The sonorous effect of minimal lo-fi equipment has always struck a chord with myself and LiPuma is no exception.

Her new single Marsha is due out April 1, watch this space!

Downtown Boys – Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)

Admittedly I consulted trusty Pitchfork for this one and as usual I was rewarded in my findings. Downtown Boys have an interesting history behind them, the product of members of a brass band, What Cheer? Brigade and a hotel employee, the Providence-based quartet have gone from strength to strength since their debut 7″ back in 2014.

They released their debut album, the politically charged Full Communism in 2015 and continue their political onslaught in this, their latest outing translating to ‘I’m elegant/intelligent, I’m not dumb. Rough, ready and brimming with potent guitar riffs recalling a pumped First Impressions of Earth track pelted with raging drums and wailing Spanish vocals – it’s a reactionary racket for us all to revel in.

KasabianYou’re In Love With A Psycho

Kasabian, the Leicester lads who have decided that they were put on this earth to save guitar music once and for all. I can see it now, they’ll tour the world on an over-hyped wave with naff tunes that fellas in paisley shirts gripping Carling cans will swagger uncontrollably to, to the point where they actually cause themselves serious injury.

If i’m being honest I can’t imagine any of those swaggering sods will find anything enjoyable in this tune, but they’ll still buy the record and dip back into their Pizzorno inspired headband collection because frankly it’s not the music that matters to them.

No doubt they’ll all find meaning in the track’s lyrics as well, ‘I’m like the taste of macaroni on a seafood stick… Like a grapefruit and the magic trick the prodigal son’. Oh yeah? Same mate, this tune really talks to me. That said, this trash is just the first track off the album, maybe the remaining 11 tracks from the album titled, For Crying Out Loud will save guitar music. They might even have to save it from themselves…

Dantevilles – Graffiti 

Manchester-based, wonky pop quartet Danteville’s pack a playful punch in their latest single, creating ripples ahead of further releases and a UK tour later this month and through early April.

Angular and catchy, Graffiti cruises along in a manner not dissimilar to Surrey outfit, Stagecoach and disbanded alt-rockers Tubelord, fueled by palm-muted tropical riffs, jarring interludes and impressive melody combinations.

Evidently adept in the realms of song writing despite their youth, Graffiti is well written and produced with just enough to keep listeners on their toes. They’ve two successive gigs at the newly established Jimmy’s bar in the Northern Quarter; this could sail them in the right direction for sure.

Frank OceanChanel

Ocean’s latest solo venture since Blond sees him carry the deeply personal currents that meander through the special LP we waited so long for. Ocean admits he ‘sees both sides like Chanel‘, a lyric that with some unpacking seems to encapsulate Ocean so fittingly. Ocean is a bi-sexual, and perhaps enamored with the androgynous: ‘My guy pretty like a girl, and he got fight stories to tell’ he begins, the track is riddled with opposites and blurring the boundaries between them.

The woozy piano foundations remain unchanged while Ocean experiments with lyrical personas and approaches, switching between more baritone musings accompanied by a heavy beat and more hollow landscapes with lofty vocals and repeated motifs. Ocean is a chameleon, he can effortlessly accompany any beat and yet retain a sense of himself through every transition.

Keep an ear out for the lyrical duality in this one, once again Ocean astounds with his undying honesty and heartfelt approach to music – we’re getting more and more of Frank from his music, and the more we learn, the more we love.

PONDThe Weather

Wacky Perth psych rockers return with a new track promoting their new album of the same name, due out May 5 on Marathon Artists. The Weather as an album reportedly delves beneath the surface of the tranquil, idyllic world of the white middle-classes in Perth and seeks to unearth the grittier, darker aspects of their existence.

The eponymous track is a typical POND feast; a myriad of experimental sounds with psych and funk as their informers. Swirling cycles of supersonic synth, a head-bobbing beat and even a dose of auto-tune combine for yet another mystical, space-age track from the Perth chaps.

Mind RaysFollow Suit

With the release of their debut album fast approaching, Belgian garage punk outfit Mind Rays present Follow Suit, a ferocious medley of scorched guitar chords, fuzzed out solos and an aggressive vocal to get anyone’s blood pumping.

The Ghent lads have just played their first show in the UK and are set to reel in energetic crowds to fit their riotous sound. Their debut LP, Nerve Endings is out March 24, could this be another Punk Slime success? I think so.

Marvin PowellSalt

Liverpool singer/songwriter Marvin Powell takes leaves out of some of the most well worn, frequently consulted books, sourcing influence for his elegant folk from greats such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. That’s not to say he isn’t unique, Powell exhibits subtle flourishes over his rich, organic folk environment.

For instance the resounding chime that lands on the beat seems to open up the landscape further, giving a feel of the open air as Powell plods through the wilderness. His vocal like a beam of dust-filled light illuminating the track and flowing poetically.

His debut EP, Salt is out now on Skeleton Key Records.