Introducing: Pale Rider, Weird Sex, The Blurred Sun Band

Pale Rider

Pale Rider (photo courtesy artists’ Facebook)

Something Scouse and something not so Scouse for you, as GetintothisDavid Hall guides you through three of the most exciting up-and-coming prospects on our radar.

Liverpool quartet Pale Rider kick off this edition of Introducing, with the thrill of their debut Sidecar/Circling. The single is a hydra that begins with the drunken, woozy amble of Sidecar; as soon as that head is chopped off however, the snarling fuzz of Circling kicks in.

The fuggy, heavy Circling lollops along in a mad groove, drummer Sophie Thompson‘s bursting cymbals shouting to clamber over Fran Codman‘s Hendrix-esque wig out of a guitar solo. The cleaved-in-two approach works just a treat for the local purveyors of “Northern fuzz”, who already have dates at Liverpool’s Zanzibar under their belts.

Their next outing promises to be a real treat, supporting psych luminaries The Lucid Dream alongside Strange Collective at Liverpool’s Shipping Forecast on May 6. We strongly urge you to get down there, but if you’re unable, Getintothis will be on hand to bring you the skinny on what went down.

Weird Sex

Weird Sex (photo courtesy artists’ Facebook)

The un-Google-able Weird Sex (seriously folks don’t take that chance, just stick with the Soundcloud link below) are a four-piece of London-based freaks, clashing together to make what they describe as “primal proto-punk”.

An apt description, but we would go so far as to say that Weird Sex are a band that your parents would hate almost as much as your search history does.  The rusty, abrasive buzz of poorly-maintained surgical equipment leers over their sound on cuts like Mummy’s Little Soldier.

Having formed in 2016 from the still-twitching offcuts of underground bands including Suicide Party, Deathline and Sly Persuaders, Weird Sex have just put out their debut self-titled 14-track EP/album on Roadkill Records.

For fans of deviant NY noise punk, Weird Sex support The Vacant Lots at Manchester’s The Peer Hat on June 17, and have a batch of new dates ready to announce soon.

The Blurred Sun Band (photo courtesy artists' Facebook)

The Blurred Sun Band (photo courtesy artists’ Facebook)

Something completely different to end on, as we bring you the brand new track from Liverpool’s spacey psych-jazz quartet The Blurred Sun Band.

Expect this lot to be all up in your grill sometime soon, but you can get in on the ground floor with the gorgeously pattering St. Bride. The track builds its vines of guitar melodies around wafts of synths and psychedelic vocals, before hitting its crescendo with a beautifully brassy peak.

It’s wonderful work from the local lads, who have enjoyed past success supporting The Night Café and Glossom on local dates, and seem to be going from strength to strength as they gear up for their best year yet. With a steady start behind them, and killer new track in their present, the future looks rosey and rose-tinted for The Blurred Sun Band.