Unknown Pleasures #126 ft. Maddy Storm, Starwheel, Draa

Maddy Storm

Maddy Storm

Back at helm of Unknown Pleasures, Getintothis’ Jake Marley unearths three more irresistible new music gems.

I first came across Maddy Storm when she posted a quite simply breathtaking demo Shoreline online around a year ago. Back then it struck as a listening experience I wouldn’t forget in a hurry, even as a demo it felt gloriously quirky, it’s slightly raw edges just added to the captivating atmospheric glaze.

Now a year later there’s a new, polished Maddy Storm single in the world, the phenomenal – To The Sun. A stunning track that comes alive in a dim candlelit room in complete silence. It truly is music that sounds best in the dark – beautifully atmospheric, building instrumentals and strikingly dramatic vocal power that spans a range of styles, you really can’t go wrong. You can go and be mesmerised in person too as she supports the equally superb Bryde at Manchester’s Castle Hotel, April 24.

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Derby outfit Starwheel are also quite the ticket. I recall taking notice and really loving their 60s tinged cosmic flight Broken Glass on first listen last year when they were picked to support a band I’m very keen on, Neon Waltz and then being subsequently grabbed by their phenomenal Temples esque track Drip Feed too.

Drifting effortlessly between psych-rock and shoegaze is their thing. A thing Drip Feed does so well, whilst scuzzy new track Slow Down, a terrific dose of 90s gaze-rock with gritty guitars and relaxing gauzy vocals, finds a cosmic-rock middle-ground. Starwheel have four tracks doing the rounds online and they’re all great in slightly different ways. Get stuck in, enjoy.

Finally we’ve gone stateside with awesome Arizona four-piece Draa. Fans of Johnny Marr’s sublime guitar work in The Smiths will purr at the opening guitar riff of Even In My Dreams (All My Life) – a truly glorious shoegaze track carried by its tight rhythm section and hooky, jangly guitars ably coated by MacAndrew Martin’s airy vocal.




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