Cancer Bats, God Damn: Arts Club, Liverpool

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats returned to Liverpool for a sold out Arts Club gig and Getintothis’ Sarah Pitman was there to see their Black Sabbath love in.

Here at Getintothis, we’re not usually that fussed on covering tribute bands, but tonight’s Cancer Bats (aka Bat Sabbath) was something different, and special.

This was unashamed fan worship and when Cancer Bats, sorry, Bat Sabbath, opened their set with the classic Black Sabbath song Children of the Grave the crowd erupted into a sea of air guitars. This was followed by other classics like Iron Man, Symptom of the Universe (which they dedicated to Foxy) and, yup, Paranoid. The faithful were sold.

And so was Getintothis. And this isn’t even really our thing. It was weird and great all at the same time.

Eccentric Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier addressed the crowd and said: This is our second sold out gig in Liverpool and no other UK city can boast such a feat. Well done, Liverpool, for turning out in such force.

The band finished their Bat Sabbath set with fan favourite War Pigs which turned into a singalong and the room filled with the voices of the sell out crowd.

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Bat Sabbath didn’t leave the stage but continued straight into an encore set of a quartet of Cancer Bats’ songs, the crowd lost their shit, the mosh pit opened up and didn’t stop until they left the stage. Glorious.

Tonight’s antics were kicked off by support act God Damn and god damn did they put on a show. Whether it was from jumping into the mosh pit in the crowd or the guitar riffs, they really got the crowd pumped and ready for the main act.

The 3 piece from Wolverhampton wowed the crowd with their rock tunes and, in their own words, as they so subtly put it, they were feeling fuckin’ boss.

So were we when we left the gig.

Photos by Getintothis’ Warren Millar





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