Game Of Thrones season 7: What’s going to happen in Westeros?

Jon Snow

Jon Snow

Winter has finally come to Westeros but the action is still heating up, Getintothis’ Nathan Scally takes a punt at what might happen with our favourite and not-so-much characters.

Did you know that Game Of Thrones is about to kick off? Of course you do, HBO won’t rest until the whole world knows.

With only two more seasons to go and less episodes than usual it’s a dead cert that each one is going to be raspberry seedless jam packed full of death, White Walkers, dragons, backstabbing and maybe the odd boob or two. It’s going to be an unpredictable free for all what with the Mother of Dragons finally crossing the narrow sea and Euron Greyjoy has follow in the footsteps of Jaime Lannister (season 1, he’s alright now), Joffrey, and Ramsay Bolton as the show’s most antagonising tosspot. We could talk about the White Walkers, or we could ignore them like everyone not connected to Jon Snow.

If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones so far then you’re truly missing out. Waiting until now might have been a masterstroke if you’ve managed to miss the majority of spoilers. A bunch surely will have slipped through. Jon Snow comes back to life by the way, but if you didn’t guess that anyway you just weren’t paying enough attention. Now is the time to drop in, it’s not perfect, that would’ve been a couple weeks ago. But now you can binge the first 60 episodes, all the manners, debates, advice won’t drag so long. As someone who’s only watched the single season week by week, binging is by far the best way to consume your Thrones fix.

HBO’s Westworld – a threat to cinema or the Emperor’s new clothes?

Thrones has so far managed to maintain its high standard from the outset. So many get lost or just turn stale, The Walking Dead is one of the worlds most watched TV shows but somehow a world full of zombies and humans looking to shaft one another at each turn has suddenly become quite the chore to watch, even the finale of the last season spent waaaaaaay too long with Sasha in the dark, sometimes you can be too symbolic.

Spoiler alert: we’re all out of the books now so this is purely speculation. If any of this does come true then that will be purely coincidental.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark

The Starks will have a family reunion.

Arya Stark is back in Westeros. After all that dilly dallying in Braavos getting totally off her face, the buffering has gone on long enough, the show-runners have refreshed the page and she’s ready to play. Getting her eyes will certainly help her get round to finishing off her list. Even with her new abilities slipping around the country finishing it off is going to require some help.

Luckily Sansa and Jon seem to have a firm grip back on Winterfell. Family in powerful places will help you get away with a lot, as we’ve seen in real life… Cersei might not be of her concern with the way it’s looking so far, a dragon or three might keep her occupied. The brotherhood without banners likely joined with Melisandre might prove too useful to be offed just yet.

Bran is the tricky one here, he’s not as mobile as his siblings but there is just no way him and Meera can last a whole season beyond the wall. Without Hodor to carry him through the snow those pesky undead will be catching up to them sharpish. Being the new three eyed crow might give the Starks some insight into getting something to actually go right for them.

Petyr Baelish

Petyr Baelish

Littlefinger will make a lot of people happy.

He gon’ die.

Everyone’s least favourite pimp Petyr Baelish was a mere nuisance when good old Eddard Stark was still alive. After being nothing more than a creepy gossip in love with someone else’s wife turned backstabber. He’s elevated his creep status to selling off the daughter of his first love to a murderous psycho only to then pronounce his love for her.

Maybe he’s just a Piers Morgan-like character and relishes in confrontation and riling up those around him. Or maybe he has a real plan to make move on the Iron Throne. He is in fact one of the favourites to end the season on possibly the most uncomfortable looking chair on television. But the fans deserve to see a few more actual bad guys get killed, it seems Westeros is the place where crime and sheer evil prosper.

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister

Jaime will slay his sister.

Not like that. Get your mind out of that filthy gutter. Well maybe he will but likely doubtful they don’t seem to be on the best of terms after that whole wildfire debacle. The Kingslayer will become the Queenslayer. It’s in the prophecy. Remember that creepy witch in that fleeting cold open at the beginning of season 5? Well all of her children are dead now, its up to her younger brother to save us from her evil ways.

Tyrion would love to be the lucky one, the pair haven’t always had the closest of bonds in their family. Cersei still blames him for the death of her demon child Joffrey. But he’s unlikely to get anywhere near his elder sister. They’ll be a small battle, some more guards, and a zombie man tower between the two of them. His last few forays into battle haven’t been so successful, if he is going to get anything useful done then his place is beside Daenerys.



Gendry is moving into Dragonstone.

He’s back. Confirmed and everything. After all the rumours and leaked set pictures, Gendry AKA Joe Dempsie turned up to the premiere just the other day. Assuming he hasn’t been brought back after all this time just to play a bit part, we can expect to see a lot of Rob’s bastard very soon.

In the latest trailer Daenerys is seen walking through Dragonstone the old home of Stannis the ever-grumpy Baratheon. Our old friend will be looking for a place to shack up after knocking about on that rowing boat for the last 3 years. Ser Davos with the help of his mate Jon can surely call in a favour with the Mother of Dragons to get the closest thing to a Baratheon back in their home. Maybe he could brighten the place up with a smile or two.

The Hound

The Hound

Cleganebowl might have to wait (If we’re going to get it all)

A popular fan theory is that The Mountain and The Hound will come to blows soon. After their life long feud a whole subreddit has been dedicated to the two brothers and their final battle. But after all the hype and the many times it has been ‘confirmed’ it seems like we’re coming to an anti-climax.

After The Hound’s reappearance last season he seems a changed man. Sure those violent tendencies were merely hiding (you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, EY) right up until his latest friends had been slaughtered anyway. After some brief murder therapy he ends up joining the Brotherhood Without Banners, a group he has had a rough history with.

The leader of the Brotherhood Beric Dondarrion, can be seen as the complete bad ass with the fire sword in the latest trailer for this season. Assuming the flames are of use and not part of a metal phase he is going through, it seems the Brotherhood will be heading up North to help in the fight over the wall. The Mountain will be stuck in Kings Landing silently disposing of the Targaeryan army one by one. Gregor will end up fighting some other undead instead.

All the odds are against Cersei making it much further in the game which could end up as bad news for Ser Sandor Clegane, crushing the biggest bout of the year before it even began.

You can catch the new series this Monday either at 2am with our friends over the pond, or at the more sociable time of 9pm. If you can avoid the spoilers that is.