Johnny Marr tweets and The Queen is Dead is resurrected

The Smiths.

The Smiths.

Johnny Marr’s recent cryptic tweet has sent Smiths fans in a state of panic, Getintothis’ Del Pike investigates

News of Smiths reunions will either fill fans with uncontrollable joy or unremitting terror at the chances of failure and the certainty of meteoric ticket prices.

As unlikely as it is that a return to those days of glory will ever happen, Johnny Marr’s recent tweet has got the masses hot under the collars once again.

A pic of The Smiths’ legendary guitarist with the image of Sheila Take a Bow single cover star, Candy Darling as a backdrop is captioned, “Candy says ‘back with news very soon’Marr’s response to the rumours – “Get a Grip

It’s unlikely that Marr is referring to the arrival of Morrissey biopic, England is Mine, and now appears to be a nod to the upcoming re-release of The Queen is Dead, The Smiths’ seminal 1986 album. A 2016 release may have been more timely.

The Queen Is Dead has been resurrected so have a read of Getintothis’ anniversary piece  

As the years go by, still no unheard tracks appear. It seems that The Smiths were so bloody brilliant that everything they recorded made it to vinyl. Instead we get a double album package with a remastered album and a disc of demos, which fans will already have now heard via bootlegs and online leaks. Nice to have them officially though.

The beauty of Smiths demos is that some of them sound markedly different to the final release, embracing completely different musical genres, a vaguely skanking version of 1987 single Girlfriend in a Coma belies Morrissey’s controversial claim that “Reggae is vile”.

The 3 CD boxset release that bursts forth from the grave on October 20 (featuring stunning alternative artwork) will also include a 1986 gig in Boston, a DVD of Derek Jarman’s three track film – The Queen is Dead and a 96kHz / 24-bit PCM stereo cut of the album. Strangely a vinyl release is not imminent but It will also be available on standard Double CD and download.




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