Ride to stop by Liverpool post their successful reunion



As 90s Shoegazers Ride continue to tour their post reunion, Getintothis’ Banjo looks forward to witnessing their return

Band reunions can be tricky things.

There will obviously be something that split the band up in the first place, be it egos, money or the old standby of musical differences, and these things can leave traces or simmering hostility.

Ian Brown’s parting words at Stone Roses recent Glasgow gig of ‘Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened’, coming amid rumours of continuing disagreements between him and Roses drummer Reni could be testament to this.

The passing of a few years can smooth out some of these edges, but a lot of reunions seem to be nothing more than the band cashing in on former glories for a hefty pay check.

Seldom do they seem to be for creative reasons, and more seldom still do they result in worthwhile creative endeavour.

Some however seem to genuinely pick up where the band left off and have a creative credibility about them. Happily, one such reunion is that of Ride.

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Their new album, Weather Diaries, has shown itself to be one of 2017’s essential buys.

Brimming with ideas, energy and catchy tunes, it has none of the forced what-is-it-we-do air of, say, The Verve’s Forth and has avoided the maturing of Jesus and Mary Chain’s Damage and Joy.

Instead what we get is a classic Ride album that consolidates their sound and is, to these ears, their best album since their debut Nowhere, released way back in 1990.

It is good to have Andy Bell back on guitar, following his bass playing duties for Oasis and Beady Eye. After his post-Ride band Hurricane #1 failed to take off, he must have thought he’s won the lottery when the offer to join Oasis came in, but it is easy to fell that, in accepting it he sold himself short.

Confining such an inventive and talented guitarist to bass was a waste of such a talent, no matter what the pay check may have been.

Fellow guitarist and singer Mark Gardener meanwhile had carved out a career releasing a string of excellent solo albums and collaborations, most notably his Universal Road album with Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie.

Whilst their first tour following their reformation was looking back, focusing on the anniversary of their debut, we can expect a set mixing new songs and old classics. If their incredible set at this year’s Glastonbury was anything to go by, this threatens to be one of the gigs of the year.

London art rock band Ulrika Spacek have been announced as support as they release their second single Silvertonic from album Modern English Decoration.