Amber Run, Seafret: Hangar 34, Liverpool

Amber Run

Amber Run

Amber Run headed to Liverpool armed with their new album and Getintothis’ Sarah Pitman was there to take in the atmosphere.

Amber Run took over Hangar 34 for a night of indie rock, bringing old songs and new to their fans in Liverpool

Not only were they happy to be playing to an even larger crowd than the last time they visited but it was clear that they wanted to see everyone jumping around and dancing to work off their Sunday roasts (or veg roasts) and having a good time.

There was a lot of jumping around but when they played a selection of their quieter and mellower songs, the chatter from the bar staff often ruined the atmosphere and the intensity that the band created through their vocal harmonies dissipated somewhat.

Coming back on stage for an encore, frontman Joshua Keogh told the crowd ‘like all good arrogant indie bands we lied to you, we told you we were only going to play one song but played two- and now we are going to play three more’ which was met by cheers from the crowd.

The encore was fuelled by a bottle of tequila being passed around from band member to band member on stage and included fan favourites I Found and No Answers.

With I Found… having been recorded with a choir, the crowd took on that role when the band played the track. The band seemed shocked at the sheer volume and passion that crowd sang with.

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You wouldn’t expect two men and one acoustic guitar could command a stage just like a full band, however Seafret did just that. Being the only support band of the night, they had to bring the fun on a lazy Sunday evening (because its Sunday funday after all). They hit the stage early to play a few extra songs for the crowd including new track Monsters.

They not only brought with them amazing vocals and guitar riffs but they brought their own sense of humour which didn’t go amiss with the crowd even though vocalist Jack Sedman said he ‘fucking hates talking on stage because he’s here to sing’.

They left the stage with a ‘God bless Heineken’. This is a band worth checking out as they are only going onward and upwards to great things.

Images by Getintothis’ Georgia Flynn




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