Galactic Funk Militia: O2 Academy, Liverpool

Galactic Funk Militia

Galactic Funk Militia

Galactic Funk Militia hit the O2 with force. All the force. Plenty of force and Getintothis’ Amy Thomas was there to soak up the force. 

It was an unconventional start, with no support act and instead a DJ set from 7pm till 9pm and it took a while for the venue to fill up.

Throughout their set there was a feeling of anticipation among the crowd as this was going to be something special. The venue started filling up more and more towards 9pm.

As the DJ set was coming to an end people started moving away from the bar and made their way towards the barrier to have a dance with their partners and friends.

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And then Galactic Funk Militia made their entrance onto the stage, in a blur of blue light. And massive cheers and whistles. It was the reason we were all here. It was wicked.

Their set was filled with upbeat funk/dance music which had everyone moving and dancing. Even Getintothis  tapped a foot. Yeah, we know. We’re not that cool.

The unique style of the band really matched the music well with one member of the band having lights in his beard and another wearing a military style hat and jacket with no shirt underneath (good thing it was warm in there).

All members of the band were really animated and by having different instruments from trumpets, saxophones to guitars it gave a really unique twist to your usual gig.

Funk Star” was one of the songs that really got the crowd moving with a mixture of singing and rap that was done in a clever funk electronic style.

The crowd were animated and excited the whole way through the set and was moving away all night to the upbeat sounds the band had. For just a fiver it was a really enjoyable night that you could dance away. We loved it and are massive fans.

Images by Getintothis’ Amy Thomas