Lost Horizons, BC Camplight, Hilang Child: Leaf, Liverpool

Lost Horizons

Lost Horizons

Lost Horizons headlined the celebration of Bella Union’s 20 year anniversary for Liverpool Music Week and Getintothis’ Lucia Matusikova was there to soak it all up.

Liverpool Music Week is approaching the midway point – and it has been a succession of amazing shows.

Yet, we’re still beguiled by what’s in store. What else is on offer. On this mild Monday evening, the independent, yet world renowned, record label Bella Union brings a bit of darkness as well as joy to Leaf Tea Shop on Bold Street. They’re here, celebrating 20 years of musical magic. Fleet Foxes, Flaming Lips, Explosions in the Sky – and of course, label owner, Simon Raymonde – the man who forged the very nucleus of The Cocteau Twins. Yes. Back. With us. For one night – and their debut offering as Lost Horizons – a new band, their first showing.

Upon entering Leaf, we could see the comfortable sofas asking us to sit down, the fairy lights changing the room into a colourful yet mischievous place, and the disco balls creating the fanciful yet intimate place. You could not find a better place for a relaxing night filled with music within the city of Liverpool.

When Hilang Child entered the stage the mood of the night had been set. He brought about a bit of northern melancholy but as his set continued the mood lightened up. Beginning with blues inflected soul he kept on building the anticipation of positivity.

Despite being the only person on the stage, he caught the attention of everyone in the crowd. The songs that he was layering upon and his distinctive vocals are a promise for something really unique to come out.

Progressing into the night, BC Camplight lightened up the mood and throughout his set he wonderfully interacted with the audience, bringing jokes – among his offerings include shrimp dreams, mayonnaise sandwiches and a love lorn ballad to his best friend (his dog) while playing some new songs. Nobody in the room would doubt his virtuosity on the piano. His Hank Williams cover of Your Cheatin’ Heart a highlight of Liverpool Music Week 2017. No doubt.

Everyone within the room was captivated by the music, and then suddenly the set came to its end and everyone was anticipating the main act.

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As Lost Horizons entered the stage, nobody would expect seven people to participate on one project originally set up by Simon Raymonde and Richie Thomas. After entering the stage and playing the first song, their stage presence was captivating.

The whole room fell silent and everyone waited as if in a trance for what was coming next. The members of the band worked together as if there was only one person doing all the work precisely and on time.

The vocals were intertwining with each other and with the music itself.

A sombre affair brightened up halfway throughout the set and brought out a wonderful energy to Leaf that some of us had a chance to experience. There were tribal drums, multi-harmonies and diverse musicianship throughout – this was a set which intrigued, beguiled and left us wanting further investigation.

Images by Getintothis’ Lucy McLachlan





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